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  • Global Clinical Trial Exceeds Expectations

    Global Clinical Trial Exceeds Expectations

    A global pharmaceutical company working to bring a revolutionary medical application to market was significantly behind their main competitor in the development process. To further complicate matters, the company had completely outsourced the project to a CRO for the first time. Control and communication issues added to the already complex project.

    The team committed to significantly reduce the cycle time of the clinical trial, specifically exceeding their patient recruitment target. They also created the possibility of significantly expanding the number of countries they were recruiting in for clinical trials. Furthermore, they expanded the trial by creating the utilization of the device for other drug indications as well.

    The team surpassed expectations in both with the clinical trial and the leadership development of the people on the team. The original recruitment target was 600 patients; they enrolled 798 patients globally, moving from being significantly behind, to 133% of their target for enrolling patients into the study.

  • Inventing a New Context for Recruitment

    Inventing a New Context for Recruitment

    A pharmaceutical company failing in the recruitment for phase III trial of an important new drug was ready to cancel the trial.

    The tight criteria for administering the medication now seemed to the recruitment team like an insurmountable barrier for fulfilling their patient enrollment target.

    Using Breakthrough Thinking tools and consulting, the team was able to generate new pathways for action such that filling the trial looked feasible. They took a bold stand with their management and asked that the trial not be canceled and made new, very aggressive targets. In the end, the client filled the trial ahead of schedule and caused a huge spike in recruitment within one month.

    “This is miraculous and could never have happened without Insigniam’s intervention” –Program Leader

  • Leading Beverage Company Increases Productivity

    Leading Beverage Company Increases Productivity and Employee Satisfaction Simultaneously

    At the same time that an organizational survey revealed significant levels of employee dissatisfaction about life-work balance, the vice president of research for a leading beverage company faced an imperative to significantly increase productivity in response to competitive demands and a freeze on increasing head count.

    Insigniam Performance was hired to facilitate a sustainable breakthrough in productivity while simultaneously increasing employee satisfaction. The net result was significant measurable improvement in several key performance areas, a new process for setting research strategy and priorities, and measurable improvements in both employee morale and employee engagement in executing the strategy.

  • Mature Market Growth Plan – 2x Sales

    Mature Market Growth Plan to Double Sales

    The president of a major pharmaceutical company challenged a consumer products group to double the business within five years. Because the margins of consumer prod-ucts are very low in comparison to prescription pharmaceuticals, there was a sense that if the consumer products group was not viable on their own they would be sold off from the parent company. The introduction of a competitive product had dramatically reduced the sales of the company’s main product. While the competition had not gone over the counter yet, as their 20 year patent was coming to an end, generics and over the counter versions of the product would soon be a daunting source of competi-tion.

    The Consumer Products Group decided that they would merge their two top product teams to act as one Upper Respiratory team. When they started thinking as an Upper Respiratory category they stopped evaluating new products from a brand and started evaluating as an Upper Respiratory portfolio. Their view of business opportunities had been limited by their individual brand perspective. By reframing their business, they saw a whole new set of opportunities. From this new view, they devel-oped new positions and campaigns thus allowing them to achieve significant growth and neutralize the impact of the OTC launch of their competitor.

  • New Product Ideation

    New product ideation to overcome looming competition

    A major pharmaceutical company had to come up with a plan for a new portfolio of new products that would allow them to double business within five years. They had re-cently launched a fairly new product in the OTC (over the counter) market and were looking for growth around new product opportunities.

    The company reframed their view of their business from the brand where they could only gain more leverage with a line extension (ie the same product with a slightly new twist) to brand equity (where the brand is taken to a new product category). They could not create alot of line extensions with the new OTC product, so they needed to create new, robust plans. They created a strategic context (“we produce healthier digestion for life, one by one around the globe.”) to deal with the digestive health of people throughout their life stages (not just what their segment had been).

    The company was now poised to capture a new world of opportunities. They became digestive health group, no longer relying on just one product. The group came up with key leverage points – different delivery technologies, new medical products, as well as food and beverage products.

  • Creating Growth in a Mature Market

    Creating Growth in a Mature Market

    A leader in the auto parts retail business was challenged by a rapidly changing industry with a great deal of competition. After dominating the space for many years with a reputation for excellent customer service, the company found themselves under new pressures and their stock was not growing. The competition had newer stores with better locations. The whole quality movement of the car industry changed their auto parts industry. Longer car warranties and improved car quality meant there were less repairs and therefore less need for parts.

    A newly recruited CEO formed a new executive coalition, dubbed the “40-headed CEO”, with the intention of breaking down historical silos and turf issues. They created a strategy for the entire business that shifted them from a parts mentality – which had blinded them from seeing new opportunities like soft parts, car phones, etc. – to a vehicle solution business. They got themselves out of the brick and mortar mentality. The new opportunities lead to a complete overhaul of their business.

    The company grew exponentially under the new leadership and strategic direction. At one point they were the fastest growing stock in the S&P500. New stores opened at a record pace, while same store sales enjoyed renewed success. The company once again claimed its place as the leader in the auto parts retail business.

  • 200% Acceleration in Speed to Market and $20 Million in Value from Leadership Development Program

    A medical device company had not introduced a new product to the market for ten years. They needed to create a robust new product pipeline and accelerate the speed to market through the entire supply chain.

    The CEO of the company hired Insigniam’s leadership development consultants to provide the Leadership Intensive program to 26 key leaders from across the global organization.

    The consultants began with a cultural assessment, which revealed a risk-averse, slow moving, non-collaborative, hierarchical context. During the intensive the leaders distinguished authentic leadership and took on a commitment to design a new cultural context that was collaborative, innovative, and rapid.

    Each participant worked on a Breakthrough Project inside the initiative to improve speed to market. The engagement produced over $20 million in added results. The team improved speed to market by creating and implementing new development processes, prioritizing the voice of the customer, upgrading life cycle management, launching a clear global regulatory path, and aligning in partnerships to achieve their end goal. Together they generated a 200% acceleration and significant cost savings.

  • Overcoming Poor Track Record

    A pharmaceutical company was struggling with a track record of every clinical trial being consistently behind schedule. The team was filled with dysfunction, finger- pointing, and an “us vs. them” mentality due to a current submission that was off its timeline.

    Insigniam’s healthcare management consultants worked with the team to reveal the current context within the organization. Next the consultants led a two-day work session on breakthrough performance and facilitated the team in taking a stand for a new future distinct from their previous track record.

    As a result, the team “unhooked” from the past and took personal responsibility for creating an inspiring future for the organization. They created clear governance and decision-making processes, fostered alignment, commitment, and a roadmap for the future.

  • Meeting Development Timeline

    Two separate organizations of a large pharmaceutical company were partnering to produce a biologics delivery device. The teams were not working well together and as a result the device development was behind schedule.

    Insigniam’s Breakthrough Project consultants were engaged to work with the team on resolving conflict and formulating the development plan as a Breakthrough Project. The team created a breakthrough development date that was beyond what was predictable given the current trajectory. They met their breakthrough target.


  • Building a Breakthrough Strategy for Monitoring Organization

    The head of clinical operations at a pharmaceutical company wanted to bring breakthrough thinking to the global monitoring organization.

    Insigniam’s healthcare consultants worked with the top 25 people of the monitoring organization for three days. Together they examined the organization’s predictable future and chose to make a commitment toward something greater.

    The team developed a strategic context for the organization that included being patient and customer focused, speaking with one strategic voice and delivering excellence in monitoring. From the strategic context they created a robust plan for fulfilling on the strategic context and delivered a breakthrough in performance.