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  • Major Airline Saves Millions of Dollars

    Major Airline Saves Millions of Dollars and Increases Profits by 10%

    In the early 1990′s a major airline significantly changed the job description for the Country Manager from dealing with day-to-day operations issues, to becoming an ambassador for the company in that country. It entailed building relationships with the travel minister, the prime minister, and other organizations that provided business leadership and structure for business success in each country. Whereas previously they were expected to be keen at execution and efficient in operational control, these leaders needed to know how to attract business to the region, to be able to demonstrate how the airline could play a key role in the fulfillment of building the financial and strategic business development for the future of the country. The Country Managers were not able to embrace, nor develop these additional responsibilities.

    In a custom designed Breakthrough Performance leadership series, participants created a new career vision for themselves and then pathways and structures to fulfill on their vision within the company’s new direction. They developed plans for themselves, for who they now were in the company, and how they would implement that future.

    Their projects both saved and generated millions of dollars. Improvement was also seen from 3.5 bags per thousand mishandled to 1.0 per thousand, and being on time improved from 75% on time to 93%. Costs dropped approximately $20 million, and profits increased by 10%.

  • Transforming Technical Experts into Corporate Leaders

    Transforming Technical Experts into Corporate Leaders Generates $78 Million for a Telecommunication Company

    When surveys reported internal complaints of a lack of leadership, the Human Resources Executive of a telecomm was charged with an imperative to transform technologists into leaders. These technical executives had defined their legitimacy and value by their technical prowess as opposed to their capability in strong leadership and business performance.

    Utilizing consultants with engineering expertise, Insigniam customized a leadership program for a technical audience. By altering the participants’ context for leadership and equipping them with the tools to design and implement breakthrough performance projects, scientists and engineers developed into confident and clear leaders.

    The subsequent survey indicated 100% improvement in leadership where individuals were renewed in their commitment to work. The participants’ projects produced an excess of $78 million dollars in value for the company and an enormous ROI.

  • Culture Transformation Produces Performance Breakthroughs

    Culture Transformation Produces Performance Breakthroughs

    A company-wide survey in a European company revealed a corporate culture of “firefighting” and blame. These dynamics were contributing to weakened market performance in a highly competitive industry. This was further aggravated by an entrenched sense of arrogance that was fostered by the company’s long dominant position as one of their countries largest companies.

    Through a custom designed Breakthrough Performance leadership program the executive management team was able to:

    • Open communication among team members to increase collaboration and in one instance save over $4 million by implementing a recommendation that would have been ignored in the past
    • Breakdown silos in a manufacturing plant and work with the design office to redesign and save costs
    • Complete a manufacturing project three months ahead of schedule
    • Reduce key engineering cycle time from 28 to 18 days
    • Create a new opportunity for revenue in the patent department
  • Transforming Managerial Context Helps Airline Emerge from and Succeed After Bankruptcy

    An airline, on the verge of emerging from bankruptcy, needed to transform its management behaviors, beliefs and actions from a ‘top-down command and control’ perspective in order to dramatically turnaround deplorable levels of customer satisfaction. This would enable them to maintain and increase the top line, honor their new cost structure and remain profitable.

    Over 550 people from the management ranks participated in a Breakthrough Performance leadership program created specifically for the airline. In the intensive, each manager revealed the beliefs and assumptions that drove their own behavior in creating a ‘command and control’ environment at the expense of customer satisfaction. They then each took on a breakthrough project in their accountability that would help institute an environment in the company of leadership, accountability, and empowerment.

    The airline changed their customer service model such that sales and customer satisfaction improved dramatically. Customer loyalty increased by 36%. Priority baggage performance went from 13% to 80%. Most importantly, the company was able to succeed after bankruptcy.

  • Intensive Leadership Development

    Intensive Leadership Development for Rapid Expansion

    A US retailer of children’s clothing with a young presence in Asia was rapidly expanding in the region. The Regional VP had an imperative to quickly hire new employees to meet the sourcing needs of the business expansion. To ensure a strong team, he put a series of his new management hires through Insigniam’s Leadership Intensive program.

    25% of Participants Earn Large Promotions

    After completing the program, the client reported a dramatic elevation in the ability of his people to lead teams more effectively. They gave up limiting thoughts from the past and took on committed action such that their interactions with colleagues, vendors, and customers were bolder, at times unorthodox and completely appropriate. They also increased their effectiveness leading large projects. Furthermore, 25% of the participants received promotions to country managers.

    “Biggest thing is that [the Leadership Intensive] opens up [the participant's] perspective, and creates a whole new paradigm to view the world. It opens the box for them. People get good at seeing new possibilities, instead of being stuck in their modus operandi.” — Regional VP

  • Global Manufacturer Doubles Revenue

    Global Manufacturer Doubles Revenue, More than Tripling Share Price in Twenty-Four-Month Period

    Executives of the U.S. operation of a global manufacturing and distribution corporation, with headquarters in Europe, wanted to take its operation to a new level. After a turnaround, the company was in a stable period in a very slow-growth industry. The predictable future for the operation was small incremental growth that would not enable them to realize their aggressive targets.

    Partnering with the executives to create a future beyond what was predictable, we coached them on enrolling the rest of the organization in innovative approaches to sales and marketing, customer retention, and collaboration across functional areas of the company. Through use of Insigniam’s breakthrough methodologies, the operation – without any acquisition or product release – generated twice as much revenue/profit in two years as had been achieved in the previous five years. The breakthrough initiative then was expanded to the global operation. Insigniam Performance trained all managers in all functions in a common way, based on individual commitment and accountability. The company has continued to achieve growth and profitably greater than the industry average. The corporation share price more than tripled in 24 months.

  • Transforms the Role of Hospitals in the State

    State Hospital Association Transforms the Role of Hospitals in the State Leading to New Levels of Healthcare

    A U.S. state hospital association knew that uniting the strengths of its members could alter the landscape of healthcare in the state. By aligning membership around a bold, inspiring, and challenging future for both the healthcare community of the state and for the association, the organization’s leaders and constituents transformed the role of hospitals in the state. Hospitals and their employees, in cooperation with physicians, nurses, citizens, and elected officials, sought a collection of results.

    Their efforts ultimately resulted in passage of meaningful healthcare reform legislation and election of two State Supreme Court justices who pledged to support tort reform. In the process of achieving these goals, the groups of people who united around a shared vision, lifted the quality and safety of patient care, service delivery, and financial accountability in the state’s hospitals to unprecedented levels of achievement.

  • Animation Production Studio Gains Recognition

    Animation Production Studio Gains Recognition as Top Animation House in the Industry

    The animation division of one of the world’s largest film and television entertainment producers was committed to being the No. 1 production studio in Hollywood. This solid but by no means dominating studio lacked the focus, communication, and leadership across its executive staff to fulfill on its commitment.

    Working with Insigniam Performance, the entertainment company developed its executives and senior managers as leaders able to cause an unpredictable future for the organization. Within a year’s time, the studio had produced some of the most successful new ventures on television and delivered on the key metrics it had designed to be recognized as the top animation house in the industry.

  • Increasing Market Share during a Regional Recession

    Exceeding income Budget by 15% and Increasing Market Share during a Regional Recession

    The Pacific Region for a leading American commercial airline – serving nearly everything from Hawaii to India – was in a shambles because of the Asia Recession in 1998. Rather than cut operations, people, and lose market share (the typical response when such a situation arose), the company hired Insigniam Performance to cause a breakthrough.

    By inventing new, innovative ways to generate revenue and lure passengers from other carriers, the region surpassed its multibillion dollar budgeted income by more than 15%, increased load factor by 2.2 per flight, and increased its share of the market in the highly profitable Asian routes. As a result of this success, the airline’s bond rating was raised to B+.

  • Cultural Transformation

    Cultural Transformation – from Silos to a Responsible and Open-minded Organization

    The second largest manufacturer and distributor of mailing systems realized that its “silo” organization was not prepared for the changes occurring in the marketplace. It was also not prepared to absorb its recent acquisitions, which would be key to the group’s expansion.

    To integrate the changes in the marketplace the company needed a new, open culture. Top management recognized a weakness in the management of multinational and transversal projects. Insigniam worked with the International Project Management Group’s top, middle, and entry-level managers who were already proficient in the most up-to-date project management methods and tools. Our consulting focused on facilitating the invention of new ways of conducting projects that would be consistent with an open, boundaryless culture. The ensuing coaching ensured the implementation of these new concepts.

    The measurable results were rapid and outstanding including:

    • Quadrupling the price per share in the four years after the engagement
    • Ending manufacturing backlogs and increasing productivity on the assembly line
    • Accelerating implementation of a new CRM system
    • Successful completion of projects which had been stalled for years

    After 18 months of intervention, the culture of the organization had shifted from a top-down controlled approach to a bottom-up responsible frame of mind throughout the organization with management supported, empowered, and challenged.