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  • Transforming Managerial Context Helps Airline Emerge from and Succeed After Bankruptcy

    An airline, on the verge of emerging from bankruptcy, needed to transform its management behaviors, beliefs and actions from a ‘top-down command and control’ perspective in order to dramatically turnaround deplorable levels of customer satisfaction. This would enable them to maintain and increase the top line, honor their new cost structure and remain profitable.

    Over 550 people from the management ranks participated in a Breakthrough Performance leadership program created specifically for the airline. In the intensive, each manager revealed the beliefs and assumptions that drove their own behavior in creating a ‘command and control’ environment at the expense of customer satisfaction. They then each took on a breakthrough project in their accountability that would help institute an environment in the company of leadership, accountability, and empowerment.

    The airline changed their customer service model such that sales and customer satisfaction improved dramatically. Customer loyalty increased by 36%. Priority baggage performance went from 13% to 80%. Most importantly, the company was able to succeed after bankruptcy.

  • Alignment Saves Millions $

    Alignment in Process, Accountability, and Promotion Saves Motion Pictures Studio Millions of Dollars

    For three years a large motion pictures studio failed to create a big box office hit. Since its failed merger with another large studio, the studio continued to lose money due to poor operations. The company was in a tumultuous situation doomed for layoffs.

    With the support of Insigniam, the executive management confronted and took responsibility for the current conditions of the business, began to repair their damaged and tenuous relationships with one another, and designed a compelling vision and operational context for the future. The management team created two breakthrough projects that matched their business imperatives: 1) creating a robust business process for greenlighting* a movie and 2) creating an organizational structure designed for driving much needed accountability and providing clear guidelines for promotion and reward.

    Creating a process for greenlighting and formalizing guidelines for accountability and promotion saved the client $4M in the first year and $42M on an on going basis.

    *Greenlighting is the term for formally approving the financing for a movie including funding, contracting, etc.

  • Leadership Development Produces $25M

    Leadership Development Produces $25M Turnaround and Record Revenues

    One of the key divisions of the world’s largest travel reservations company was losing money, and the president of one of its significant divisions. The division’s decline was linked to costs exceeding sales. It was evident that people throughout the organization were not being responsible for costs.

    The client recognized that the executives of the organization had to start being leaders and causing profits and overall success together rather than simply being performance managers. Rather than a quick fix, working with the division management to transform the context in the enterprise for cost management created a lasting effect on the executives’ and managers’ leadership, directly translating into the company’s bottom-line performance.

    In the first year of the engagement, the division realized a $25mm turna-round returning the group to profitability. In the second year, revenue hit a historic high from $15 million to $56 million. Employee satisfaction surveys indicated an unpredictable 12-point increase midway through the engagement.

  • Elevating Customer Satisfaction

    Breakthrough Thinking Elevates Already High-level of Customer Satisfaction at a Flagship Hospital

    The CEO of an already extremely successful hospital — the Flagship hospital of the group — wanted to take the hospital’s performance to the next level.

    Using Insigniam’s breakthrough project methodology, the executive team committed to increasing customer satisfaction from 94% to 96%. They looked at how resources were allocated and what the broken windows in the organization were that they could impact.

    Although it is often the last few percentage points that are hardest to impact, in just a few months, the team increased customer satisfaction by 2.2% to 96.2%.

  • State Hospital Lead in Healthcare

    State Hospital Association Leads the State’s Passage of Universal Healthcare Coverage

    The US healthcare industry is at a crossroads where patient care and delivery costs continue to rise and the overall patient population continues to live longer. The association membership was made up of more than 220,000 hospital employees at 181 hospitals across the state, each with its own approach, priorities, values, and set of concerns. The number of older Americans grows faster than any other group, and preventable diseases are on the rise due to poor health management practices by key segments of the population. A state hospital association feared their member hospitals would be caught in the middle of exorbitantly high costs and patient demand for low cost, high quality care.

    Insigniam worked with the association to create a bold future: “Hospitals as leaders in causing a shift in the market place rather than being at the mercy of it.” The association took on being a relevant resource for its membership and being an influential voice in the state’s healthcare.

    After interviewing 80 hospital CEOs from across the state, focus groups worked in design teams to create four objectives that encompassed the association’s constituent needs: policy, advocacy, education, and information. Through its new objectives for operation, the association helped lead the passage of universal healthcare coverage for everyone in the state including the state’s uncompensated care pool.

  • Empowering Resolution & Leadership

    Conflict Resolution and Leadership Development Empowers Utilities Company to Navigate Changes in the Deregulation of the Industry

    An energy supplier faced the challenge of deregulation within the electrical market. The utilities supplier had a monopoly in their region and would now be facing a competitive market place. This required re-examining ways of operating and inventing new procedures.

    The client requested we start with a conflict resolution intervention for two executives who were having trouble working together. The mediation was successful; they resolved their conflicts and invented a new way of working together.

    We were also asked to work on executive development to support the shift from a regulated to deregulated market. A program for the top twelve executives on commitment to leadership enabled the executives to handle the new market place successfully. They gained the necessary political support for both initiatives – deregulation and re-regulation. They gathered the required community support for deregulating the market and when they determined re-regulation was needed, they effectively gathered support for that as well.

  • $1M in Bottom Line and Jump in Employee Engagement

    The manufacturing plant of an aircraft manufacturing company had poor morale and performance that was attributed to the market downturn and transition from a publicly held company to a stand-alone, privately held aircraft manufacturer. After receiving extremely low scores on an employee engagement survey, the CEO requested that Insigniam provide a Breakthrough Project and executive coaching intervention in the manufacturing plant.

    Insigniam’s breakthrough consultants engaged the team in the inspirational breakthrough methodology. The team took a stand for something greater than what was predictable and aligned on three key projects that would demonstrate a state change in their leadership capacity and morale, as well as, an unpredicted and remarkable business result.

    By the end of the engagement, the team delivered three Breakthrough Projects that produced over $1 million in bottom line results and a two-quartile jump in employee satisfaction scores.

  • Increased Projects in R&D Pipeline

    The Vice President of Research and Development for a home products company was committed to a breakthrough in value that the company received from R&D.  His intention was to increase the contribution of R&D to the company’s bottom line.

    Insigniam consulted with the R&D team, drawing on the full breadth of Insigniam’s propriety technology for producing breakthroughs in order to enable participants to create new possibilities and pathways for accomplishing R&D plans. The program shifted how people listened and engaged, thus creating openings for them to be more open and authentic.  By strengthening relationships and aligning on outcomes, the R&D team created new opportunities for their division.

    As a result, breakthrough thinking became part of how R&D worked, resulting in a significant increase in the number of projects in the R&D pipeline. By leveraging relationships and building trust, creativity was unleashed and potential realized.

  • Leveraging a Compelling Vision for the Future

    A hospital association had recently crafted a new vision for the organization. Many of the board members had not been present for the vision formulation meeting and it was important to build alignment and a renewed shared commitment around the vision.

    Insigniam led two half-day sessions on distinguishing the predictable, almost-certain future for healthcare and hospitals in the area at that time. From the predictable reality the board explored what else could be possible and distinguished a new context of opportunity for the hospitals. They gained a new set of breakthrough communication tools to fulfill on the inspiring vision.

    The work session built alignment around a compelling, exciting, and challenging vision for the future. The shared vision leveraged the board members’ interest in collaborating, examining, and exploring plans of action to fulfill on their mission.

  • Meeting Growth Strategy with New Product Development

    A business unit in a large food production company was at a critical juncture. The business had grown to more than $150 million per year, and had a commitment to the corporation to reach $500 million per year within 3 years. The leadership team had been struggling to determine how the group would reliably achieve this result, which for some people seems far-fetched.

    They hired Insigniam’s Breakthrough Project consultants to empower the team in launching new frozen products to reach their strategic revenue goal. Insigniam worked with a small team of people to create an executable, reliable, and thorough plan and then executed on that plan to unquestionably deliver a 1.7% to 2% trial of their products in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area. Utilizing Insigniam’s methodology for breakthrough performance, the team organized its work, actions, communications, and structures of accountability around the promised result for the trial. They worked from The Merlin Principle® of inventing a future and creating actions to fulfill on that future and applied breakthrough methodology to achieve the desired result.

    The team’s pilot launch of new frozen food products was a success with at least 2% of the eligible population in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area trying the products. They did not lower their price to drive higher trial rates, there were no trade dealings to maintain the premium status of the brand, and the store distribution met or exceeded 65% ACV. The team had determined these to be requirement for the pilot success.