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  • Global Clinical Trial Exceeds Expectations

    Global Clinical Trial Exceeds Expectations

    A global pharmaceutical company working to bring a revolutionary medical application to market was significantly behind their main competitor in the development process. To further complicate matters, the company had completely outsourced the project to a CRO for the first time. Control and communication issues added to the already complex project.

    The team committed to significantly reduce the cycle time of the clinical trial, specifically exceeding their patient recruitment target. They also created the possibility of significantly expanding the number of countries they were recruiting in for clinical trials. Furthermore, they expanded the trial by creating the utilization of the device for other drug indications as well.

    The team surpassed expectations in both with the clinical trial and the leadership development of the people on the team. The original recruitment target was 600 patients; they enrolled 798 patients globally, moving from being significantly behind, to 133% of their target for enrolling patients into the study.

  • Established Food and Beverage Company Commits to Breakthrough Thinking

    Established Food and Beverage Company Commits to Breakthrough Thinking

    A major food and beverage company had enjoyed years of growth and success but was now facing a crisis with a dwindling pipeline of new products. Under new leadership, the company was committed to leveraging it’s excellent brand equity and building a streamlined, results-driven organization by investing in its people. They needed to shift their thinking from what was historically a family operated business to being more strategic and global.

    People from different departments and functions came together to deal with current and past issues that were impacting current performance and results. Employees were able to take responsibility for the current condition of the company and develop creative work practices to move the company forward, consistent with the leaderships vision.

    After participating in custom designed two day Breakthrough thinking sessions, almost 1000 employees across multiple business units took on a commitment to apply breakthrough thinking to their areas of accountability and to the business as a whole. During a period of tremendous uncertainty about the future and an increasing complex competitive landscape, the company was able to move forward and develop a significant number of new products and increase its stock price by 50%.

  • Insurance Company Generates $31.3M

    Insurance Company Generates $31.3M, Exceeding Third Year Targets

    A major insurance company launched a mutual fund; its year one reach was $3 million, followed by $6 million in year two. Results of both years were less than the company’s goals. Based on past performance, the company’s third-year goal of $25 million appeared improbable.

    The company hired Insigniam Performance and subsequently identified corporate and employee beliefs that were restraining performance. Release of the hindering beliefs made a huge difference. The company generated $31.3 million in a 12-month period and surpassed its goal.

  • New Product Development Team

    New Product Development Team Takes on the Competition

    For 20 years a leading contact lens manufacturer had no more than five standard vision correction contact lenses on the market. They dominated the marketplace in color lenses, until their two largest competitors came out with color contact lenses that were realistic, natural looking, and comfortable.

    In face of this competitive action and in order to fulfill on their strategy to be the superior lens manufacturer in the marketplace, the company now needed to develop and launch a competitive colored lens within three years. It had taken the competition eight years to develop these color lenses.

    The product development team took on a breakthrough project to bring their product to market in record time. The team altered the way they were relating to the challenge and how much of their thoughts were wrapped in the how they had done things in the past. The new product development team came up with two different types of lenses – opaque, and tinted lenses. The breakthrough for the team was getting the same visual quality for the colored lenses as the competition’s colored lenses, as well as the company’s regular lenses (which were the gold standard), and for the colored lenses to look as natural as the naked eye.

    The team fulfilled their breakthrough goals, getting the product to market six months ahead of target and developing a superior colored lens.

  • EWT for Financial Publishing Company

    Enterprise-Wide Transformation for Financial Publishing Company

    A global publishing company had made an acquisition a few years earlier to take advantage of the company’s content, viewing the purchased company as a potential cash cow. A major competitor introduced a new technology, and almost overnight the market changed. The publishing firm began to lose market-share to its competitor and its leadership decided they needed to shake up the entire business. They decided to make a $450 million investment that included creating a new technology architecture as well as remaking the established culture of the firm.

    A leadership coalition was formed with representation from around world. They created a vision and values for the company that served as a cultural framework on which to build for the future. A global enrollment team was created in order to get communication out overnight around the world. To create globalization with the middle management, 120 senior managers from Asia Pacific, London,  and the US came together for global meetings.

    For the first time, 13 new product and technology development teams were on line to deliver projects on time and within budget; global collaboration was stimulated between North America, Asia Pacific and EMEA regions and the executive team was actively engaged in providing inspirational leadership and strong change management.

    Close to 18 months into the initiative new shareholder dynamics at the board level necessitated retiring the turnaround strategy and selling the subsidiary in separate asset streams.

    Your firm’s focus on the achievement of demonstrable results sets it apart form others in the field. I am also impressed by the dedication, expertise and consistency of your consultants.
    – COO

  • $100 Million Delivered in Profit by Transforming Electrical Device Manufacture

    A household goods company had discovered potential cost savings of millions of dollars in the manufacture of electrical devices across the business. However they had not been successful in creating a plan for implementing cost saving measures across the electrical devices businesses.

    They hired Insigniam’s enterprise transformation consultants to help formulate a plan through their Breakthrough Project methodology. The consultants worked with the electrical devices team to enhance performance through leadership education. Next the team was charged with the opportunity to commit to a breakthrough goal and project.

    They promised that within seven months they would deploy a comprehensive and integrated electrical device systems strategy and implementation plan to revolutionize supply chain responsiveness, drive flexibility, and significantly accelerate time to market of new products and restages. They accomplished this promise achieving an estimated $100 million in future profit in the next two years. Originally the opportunity had been identified as $50-100 million in cost reduction within five years. They dramatically exceeded expectations.

  • $14.7 Million Cost Reduction from Supply Chain Transformation

    A home storage company was in the process of a supply chain business transformation. They were off-shoring production to achieve product flexibility, increase production line throughout, and significantly reduce costs of goods sold.

    They had a business imperative to reduce costs by approximately $15 million each year for three years. However working with suppliers in Thailand and other parts of Asia posed a challenge. They were dealing with people who were geographically distant with different cultural expectations.

    Insigniam’s change management consultants partnered with the team to think innovatively and formulate their imperatives as a Breakthrough Project. They promised to deliver a $14.7 million cost reduction. Using the breakthrough methodology, they transformed themselves into a high-performing team and accomplished their $14.7 million cost reduction within a year.

  • High Performing Leadership Bench Ensures Sustainable Strategy Execution

    A specialty freight company wanted to create a strong leadership bench. Developing leadership strength would enable long-term capability and sustainability in strategy execution.

    Insigniam’s leadership development consultants customized an in-house leadership development program concentrating on high performance.  The program was delivered to 20-30 senior leaders. In addition to absorbing the breakthrough methodology, each participant developed and executed a leadership project that would create a breakthrough result to further the strategic direction.

    The participants all elevated their ability to execute initiatives with measurable business results, inspire and provoke innovative thinking and bold action, generate the highest possible results and accountability from themselves and others, and lead with the organizations core values and competencies.

  • Improving Relationships to Boost Profitability

    The reimbursements group of a biotech organization was experiencing internal conflicts that limited profitability. The national account managers, regional account managers, state managers, and business relationship managers were structured such that interactions became very complex.

    They needed a framework for operating which would include the interests, commitments, and needs of all parties. Insigniam’s breakthrough consultants worked with the teams to improve relations and thereby enhance profitability.

    Together they created a context for the reimbursement group that inspires people to fulfill the organization’s mission. They built a collaborative culture so that group members hold themselves and each other to account for the success of the whole organization—rather than just their specific function or team. They improved proactive communication between functions, teams, and customers—formulated a method for raising and resolving issues in a manner that leads to rapid solutions, results, and enables people to think more strategically and anticipate breakdowns before they occur.

  • 200% Acceleration in Speed to Market and $20 Million in Value from Leadership Development Program

    A medical device company had not introduced a new product to the market for ten years. They needed to create a robust new product pipeline and accelerate the speed to market through the entire supply chain.

    The CEO of the company hired Insigniam’s leadership development consultants to provide the Leadership Intensive program to 26 key leaders from across the global organization.

    The consultants began with a cultural assessment, which revealed a risk-averse, slow moving, non-collaborative, hierarchical context. During the intensive the leaders distinguished authentic leadership and took on a commitment to design a new cultural context that was collaborative, innovative, and rapid.

    Each participant worked on a Breakthrough Project inside the initiative to improve speed to market. The engagement produced over $20 million in added results. The team improved speed to market by creating and implementing new development processes, prioritizing the voice of the customer, upgrading life cycle management, launching a clear global regulatory path, and aligning in partnerships to achieve their end goal. Together they generated a 200% acceleration and significant cost savings.