Unprecedented Management Results: How We Work

You get unprecedented management results that are absolutely critical and essential to the success of your business because we alter “things” at a molecular level. Change is fundamental and lasting.

Ever felt frustrated that managers wait until there’s an urgent business imperative or serious problem to act? Complacency is operating business-as-usual. Sales and revenue may be fine now, but if complacency is the norm, competitors will have a first-mover advantage.

Insigniam partners with executives to help organizations operate dynamically, with leaders at every level engaged, performing, and innovating. It’s a shift in beliefs, behaviors, and actions.

This collaboration helps clients focus on performance that gets results with lasting ROI. We also implement change that’s sustainable, creating a catalytic culture of leaders who transform the enterprise.

The Insigniam Breakthrough Method

Enterprise transformation starts with a breakthrough. Here’s how:

The current (embedded and hidden) set of beliefs, assumptions, truths, and unwritten rules that determine what people see as possible, the actions they take, and the results they produce.

The pervasive drive for what is familiar and known. Without disengaging the prevailing mindset, anything new will immediately be retranslated into the old way of thinking and acting, or will just be ignored.

A new framework with which to approach the intended work area. Breakthrough thinking tools are used to facilitate very stimulating, focused, new conversations setting the desired future and establishing true commitment.

Execute and deliver the intended measurable results quickly through proprietary methods for Breakthrough Projects, rapid work redesign, leadership development, change management, innovation, and people engagement.