2012 World Business Forum: Spotlight on Creativity Innovation

Blog Post Innovation that Creates New Value

Earlier this month, Insigniam was a sponsor at the World Business Forum in New York City and I had a chance to attend and co-lead a workshop with Insigniam Founding Partner, Nathan Rosenberg, titled: Using Innovation to Drive Dramatic Growth.

As the title suggests, the central theme of our session was that innovation is the best source for explosive, yet controlled, growth.

My surprise was the number of world-class presenters headlining this global forum that also made creativity and innovation a core theme of their message to the audience of 5,000 executives.   When thought leaders like Porter, Collins, Welch, Gratton, King, Tapscott and Branson create a chorus for innovation, sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

A few highlights:

  • Among “Great” companies, Jim Collins research reveals a 10X advantage for those organizations that possess a capability for disciplined creativity.  Disciplined (or empirical) creativity is the discovery of new value that changes the basis of competition.
  • Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, has mandated a culture of “relentless innovation” to double his top line and become one of the “Best Places to Work”.
  • Futurist, Lynda Gratton, argues that in some industries the future happens faster than you can anticipate, so you must establish new social networks that compliment your skill set and plug you into the next “Big Idea”.
  • Michael Porter, Harvard Business School strategy guru, challenged business leaders to rethink and innovate on the old paradigm that growing shareholder value is leadership’s primary role.  In the new paradigm, new value is created for both the shareholder AND society.

It was easy to be engaged and inspired by these great thinkers who envision innovation as a primary source for addressing today’s concerns and creating future value – for the planet.  SeeWOBI for more highlights and videos, and for more on Insigniam and innovation visit: http://insigniam.com/insigniam-video-library/.