Delivering Transformational Leadership: Pt. III—Creating a Turnaround

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Transformational Leadership

In developing “core” strength, transformational leadership not only reveals and unhooks old limiting beliefs; it also creates a new vision of what is possible.

In fitness, core strength is that strong central channel that connects the upper and lower body. In any organization, there are elements which when strengthened, positively impact corporate “core” strength across the board.

Our last two posts highlighted how hidden assumptions and unwritten rules weaken your “core” as a leader. Revealing these limiting beliefs can strengthen both you and your teams, and lead to breakthrough performance.

You can further build your “organizational muscle” after revealing these limiting factors by disengaging from them, which frees you and your colleagues to innovate and create new possibilities.

This requires the courage to move beyond constraining assumptions and beliefs and a strong pull to stay within the familiar and known ways of operating.

Without disengaging from the prevailing mindset, any new vision or strategy will be shaped and viewed through the old way of thinking and acting or perhaps completely ignored.

Here’s an example

One CEO provides transformational leadership by going beyond limiting mindsets.

One division of a large logistics services organization was operating with unreliable performance and was not profitable.

The new CEO observed both a lack of alignment and clear priorities—people were moving in different directions.

To begin with she committed to building a fresh and aligned executive leadership team. This new leadership team was created with both new players and people from the prior “regime.”

The CEO engaged Insigniam consultants to work with the new leadership team to both reveal and take ownership for the fragmentation of these two constituencies.

What they uncovered

As they uncovered a lack of alignment around personnel issues, this misalignment was unhooked and a new coalition was established.

Transformational leadership provides tools for new conversations to build “core” strength and a new culture.

Next the team created a brand new strategic context. This new context provided clear priorities, practices for leadership at all levels, and specific metrics for measuring progress on fulfilling the strategy.

Once they selected key near-term and long-term initiatives to turn around profitability much needed alignment, cooperation, and a new level of inspiration emerged throughout the team.

Building your “core” through transformational leadership takes working with courage, endurance and inspiration.

How about you?

Where is a turnaround in performance needed in your company?
What old mindset and ways of operating could be transformed?