Reinvention Starts at the Top

Blog Post Innovation that Creates New Value

A company that’s lagging behind its competitors is crying out for some serious reinvention.

This kind of innovation starts with changing the conversation from survival to leadership. The message should be: Not only are we not going to fail, we’re going to change the way the world views our industry. The future vision should be compelling enough that everyone in the organization wants to fully commit and align. That’s when the magic happens.

Some companies have it in their DNA to lead beyond. Others need to engrain this leadership trait in their blueprint for renewal. Successful organizations have moved from lagging behind to leading their industries because they are constantly reinventing. If they’re not enjoying the market share they’re used to, then they examine what’s going on and are open to changing it. Reinvention is an ongoing process that doesn’t feel like work.

A technology client was considering moving a large division from San Diego to Barcelona, Spain. The employees that did not move were given a blank slate to create a new product and business model. They stepped up to the challenge, creating a top product that made the company the marketplace leader. The employees were motivated by the opportunity to create whatever they wanted, but they also risked losing their jobs if they failed. They were invested. Invested employees come to work every day knowing the mission and how to carry it out so everyone is successful.

When leadership sets the expectation for reinvention, then innovation becomes a natural part of the process from the bottom up. Is your organization lagging or leading?