Speed Alone Won’t Drive Breakthroughs

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Is speed everything it’s cracked up to be?

In the consumer goods industry, speed to market is always a factor. But what’s surprising is that these ambitious time targets often go unmet.

Having speed as the major criteria can thwart other thinking that adds value. In their haste to deliver quickly, enterprises are cutting steps or artificially speeding up processes that sacrifice, quality, integrity, safety, or well-being.

A fast-moving consumer goods client was behind the eight ball on a packaging design issue. Others in the industry had already embraced trigger spray bottles covered in shrink sleeves. Research shows that this type of packaging improves market share and sales because of the add-on capabilities.

This client had tried to introduce the new packaging, but the manufacturing challenges proved too costly.

We took a new approach, shifting their criteria for success to include efficiency, cost, and speed. This broader scope encompassed not only the technical changes, but the people as well. With everyone sitting at the table together, they began to gain a new sense of possibility and purpose.

Breakthrough projects require enlightenment and enrollment of the people who will be making a long-term, sustainable change. Insigniam clients often are successful because we apply these principles:

  • We stand together, and we have a North Star.
  • We come to the challenge with curiosity (instead of past experience being the sole arbiter of what is possible).
  • We honor our word.
  • We make promises and requests.
  • We enroll key players, and
  • We have practices that make the above real.

What principles are guiding your breakthrough projects?