Culture and Innovation: Are you really listening to your Gen Y employees?

Jun 26, 2015 No Comments by

Are you being inclusive and innovative in your culture and management practices?

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How U.S. Energy Producers Outflank OPEC

Jun 23, 2015 No Comments by

So why hasn’t OPEC’s strategy of letting prices slide brought higher-cost U.S. producers to heel? Simple: Agile U.S. producers moved swiftly to aggressively cut costs while simultaneously driving productivity gains from existing assets.

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Global Food And Beverage Companies Seek New Value From Innovation Consulting

Jun 04, 2015 No Comments

Innovation consulting appeared to be attracting particular attention from those companies seeking to address new trends in business

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Out-Pivoting Market Forces

May 26, 2015 No Comments

Today Twitter is a force shaping the contours of contemporary cultures across the globe. Its success — seized from the jaws of defeat — is due solely to an auspicious pivot, a drastic and rapid shift in business models. This flexibility is not only necessary for survival; it is a critical element to phenomenal success.

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Forces that Thwart Innovation: Part IV – Myopia

May 19, 2015 No Comments

Once companies can see and understand the effects of corporate myopia, they can pull back the blinders and create a future filled with unlimited possibility.

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Forces that Thwart Innovation: Part III – Immune System

May 12, 2015 No Comments

Thought must be given to the systems, procedures, and processes currently in place, and if they support innovation. Otherwise, you risk exposing your innovation project to very hardy corporate immune systems.

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Forces that Thwart Innovation: Part II – Corporate Gravity

May 05, 2015 No Comments

At the outset of an innovation initiative, people are often very inspired to explore new possibilities. But when it comes time to jump, gravity constricts big ideas.

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The Forces that Thwart Innovation: Part I

Apr 28, 2015 No Comments

Organizations both large and small understand that innovation — and innovation consulting — is essential to unlocking uncharted possibilities and delivering opportunities for accelerating growth. Recently, we discussed The Four Pillars of Innovation for Sustaining — and Creating — Growth, especially as they relate to tempering the needs of an organization today with the aspirations […]

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Design Thinking: Part III – Creators Are Not Referees

Apr 09, 2015 No Comments

Previously, we established that those of us who seek to solve problems by creating impactful solutions, regardless of job title or function are, intrinsically, designers. We also established that iterating prototypes — early and often — is a core tenet of effective design thinking and something we wholeheartedly preach in our innovation consulting practice. With […]

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Design Thinking: Part II – Prototyping Perfection

Apr 02, 2015 No Comments

In our previous discussion, it was revealed that, yes; you too are a designer — regardless of your job title or function. That said, one of the biggest mistakes designers make is something we witness all too often during our innovation consulting: We design with the intent of immediate success. Iteration, Iteration, Iteration In design […]

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