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Winning leaders reinvent the game.

Would you know this kind of leader if you heard one?

Transformational Leadership, Reinvents the Enterprise


“I have worked with many consulting firms including the BCG’s and McKinsey’s and no one does leadership development and executive coaching like Insigniam Performance.”

CEO, Global Healthcare Company
Client at Three Different Companies over 12 years

Do you think the best leaders have a large cadre of followers? We disagree. Transformational leadership make the most impact when surrounded by people who fulfill a vision or intent as though it were their own. These leaders are reinventing the game as an unstoppable competitive force. Why? Management results aren’t only reliant upon the charisma or force exerted by the leader—power to make a difference is actually in the hands of multitudes of people moving forward as a matter of their personal commitment.

Transformational Leadership: The Insigniam Approach

Insigniam partners with senior executives to develop leaders throughout the enterprise who produce extraordinary results and perform powerfully. Our Transformational Leadership approach addresses the five critical facets of transformational leadership:

  • 1.  Inspiring intent
  • 2.  Conversations for fulfillment
  • 3.  Authentic demeanor
  • 4.  Accountable environment
  • 5.  Structural integrity


Would You Know a Breakthrough Leader if You Heard One?

A Transformational Leadership has unique capabilities. The leader is a driving force, capable of listening acutely and hearing the concerns and commitments of his or her people, even when not clearly articulated. Transformational Leadership catalyzes those with conversations that cultivate new possibilities, compelling opportunities, and a call to action.

Do you possess the five facets of Transformational Leadership? Evaluate your strengths with the Transformational Leadership Development Scorecard.