Breakthrough Projects: Performance Approach

In any executive accountability, there are business imperatives: those kinds of outcomes that are absolutely necessary and essential for success. Oftentimes the business imperative may be at risk, or require unprecedented performance beyond what is currently predictable. Almost always Speed-To-Results is a requirement.

We promise measurable results beyond the predictable, accomplished by the team—with velocity.

A Breakthrough Project is an initiative with a specific team or group that has an aggressive and quantifiable goal. The breakthrough goal represents the accomplishment of an unprecedented or seemingly impossible objective.

The Insigniam Breakthrough Project process includes:

  • Confidential, one-on-one interviews
  • Working sessions on the project to identify unexamined rules, truths, and assumptions that are limiting results and to develop new action plans or revise existing ones using breakthrough tools
  • Coaching one-on-one and with the team to execute the breakthrough plan

What is a Breakthrough?

  • Breakthroughs are specific, measurable, and vividly demonstrate improvement
  • Breakthroughs are unprecedented, given historical trends, current resources, and circumstances
  • Breakthroughs require a fundamental shift in thinking and approach—often initially viewed as “I/We can not do this.”
  • Breakthroughs are bold outcomes that inspire people’s commitment across the organization.
  • Breakthroughs are sustainable and do not sacrifice quality, integrity, safety, or well-being of products, services, and relationship.

See what a breakthrough project looks like?

Insigniam Breakthrough Project Examples:

Large Clinical Trial Turnaround to Deliver on Time

One of the world’s largest clinical trials spanning several countries and 20,000 patients came from being behind timeline to delivering a clean data lock on time in a nine month period. This breakthrough allowed the company to get FDA approval for the potential blockbuster and broke a losing streak for drug application approvals.

Cost Savings in Supply Chain

A team of 15 people charged with eliminating costs from an Asian supply chain achieved a very aggressive goal of reducing costs by $15M in 8 months when less than $5M had been predicted. A previous team failed to achieve any savings. This team, despite dealing with vendors from diverse countries, handled an expanded SKU portfolio and met increased throughput requirements.

From Late Launch to Dominant Market Share

A U.S. division of a European pharmaceutical company was preparing a new drug launch 12 months after the competition. The nature of the drug regimen did not allow for patient switchover. Despite having a superior treatment it was predicated that it would take three to four years to gain dominant market share. The launch team applied breakthrough thinking and developed a new launch plan resulting in 52% of the market share at month 12 of the first year.