The Challenge of Managing Change

Organizations are expanding globally to access markets in all regions of the world, and new technologies are introduced every day that stimulate new opportunities. Some industries are consolidating and others are deregulating.

One Senior Vice President for Supply Chain expressed it this way:

“Passive resistance is harder to confront than active resistance. Lip service—where people say they’ll do that because the boss is keen—I have been bitten by that a few times.”

Managing change quickly and effectively is a competency that is universally imperative—regardless of the size of the organization—for success in today’s marketplace. A merger or acquisition, a new business model, an ERP implementation, or a host of other catalysts may precipitate the change. Yet most change initiatives are met with enormous resistance, resulting in lost productivity and failing to achieve the desired outcomes.

Insigniam Managing Change Approach

We promise a vast increase in the probability of success in managing change initiatives by intervening in the common and invariant dynamics that can thwart performance with a change initiative.

Whether the change is a merger or acquisition, process redesign, or a new organizational structure, Insigniam supports clients to produce the intended results as well as achieve the benefits of enhanced competitive prowess by effectively managing change.

  • Delivering desired business results on time with a workforce that is energized rather than burnt out.
  • Original approaches to designing the change, while also activating a point of leverage for powerful implementation.
  • Leadership that positions the alterations in a manner in which they are welcomed and embraced.
  • Installment of new competencies including the management of commitments, mobilizing diverse stakeholders, and responsibility beyond one’s accountability.
  • Origins of resistance are revealed and disengaged, and the concerns of people affected by change are constructively and productively addressed.
Insigniam Change Management Client Examples:

Launching Global Shared Services

A leading food company asked Insigniam to accelerate consolidating functions into a global shared services. Through applying Breakthrough skills and tools, they saved the company $1M in their first year and have projected $1.25M plus in cost savings for the second year. No one is fighting decisions; the business-as-usual “churn” and “push back” are missing. The 2012 budget is less than 2011.  Headcount reductions required have been satisfied a year early. The CEO publicly said that it was a “perfect” execution of a new business unit creation.

Merger Integration

A Fortune 100 company needed to improve new product development processes from the integration of three companies in a year that competitive activity also required enhanced productivity in R&D. R&D productivity doubled while they accomplished a 27% permanent reduction in new product development process cycle times.

ERP Implementation

Prior to working with Insigniam, a leading food company had a disastrous ERP implementation that caused the loss of over $100M in revenue, immeasurable loss of customer goodwill, and devastated morale in the IT area. With Insigniam’s consulting, their required and comprehensive upgrade was 100% accurate, on time, and within budget. The IT department had a 365% increase in Gallup scores and was rated the #1 IT place to work in the year the upgrade was conducted.