Enterprise Transformation

Change or Transformation?

Today more than ever, CEO’s, C-level executives, general managers, and business unit heads are faced with a need to significantly alter the very fabric of their enterprise.

When faced with this call for a new era in the dynamics and performance of an enterprise, mere change, that is an improvement or adjustment to already existing elements of the enterprise, is not enough. Winning at the new game may require nothing short of a transformation.

This is Very Risky Business

We promise your enterprise transformation will:

  • Result in a dramatically elevated level of performance in key metrics
  • Be designed and implemented with a wholistic view of your organization
  • Energize and inspire your executives and broader workforce as they effectively execute all the various critical projects and initiatives while doing a great job in today’s work

While at times urgently necessary, this process of transforming an enterprise is very risky. Business lore is full of stories of such campaigns that have failed, or worst yet, caused a setback in the forward movement of the company. Enterprise Wide Transformations almost always require many, large, critical initiatives to be executed simultaneously, without losing any altitude in current performance.Maintaining even usual performance levels may be already taxing to the executives and broader workforce. The additional demands of reviewing and reinventing key processes, technology, and workforce competencies risk exhausting the enterprise resources. And yet, as an executive, you often have no choice; even though the probability of success is too low for your standards, it is transform or face the dwindling existence of your company.

The Insigniam Enterprise Transformation Approach

Our Enterprise Wide Transformation requires the direct involvement of the leaders of the enterprise and strong partnership with the Insigniam team. Our consulting activities include, but are not limited to, the following critical elements:

  • Partnership between Insigniam and you to set and monitor key milestones and measures for success.
  • Alignment of Senior Leadership.
  • “Quick Hit” initiatives that demonstrate a new performance dynamic in 30-60 days.
  • A process audit and the Rapid Work Redesign of key processes.
  • Consulting for the success of critical initiatives.
  • We can, at your request, incorporate subject matter experts, models, and tools that are specific to your industry.

It is not uncommon for our clients to ask us to also provide leadership to promote collaboration and breakthrough performance principles among several consulting entities that are each providing key expertise.

Insigniam Enterprise Wide Transformation Examples:

Quality and Compliance Transformation Biologics Warning Letter

A failing ERP implementation and issues in FDA regulatory compliance revealed a biological company’s inability to satisfy both required corrective action and business operation demands. By transforming the entire enterprise, the company exceeded the profitability goal by 13% while meeting FDA compliance requirements; reengineered over 23 quality systems; and implemented organization strategy and culture.

Strategy Implementation First Tier Biotech Company

In order to meet an aggressive 5-year strategic plan, the Medical Affairs organization of a top tier biotech company redesigned and transformed its organization from traditional functional lines into four therapeutic business units. This was accomplished within the time period allotted for just the pilot. The company met or exceeded all of the objectives in its strategy plan.