Inventing the Rules of the Game:
Transformational Leadership

The last two decades have undeniably proved that winning in business requires the ability to effectively and quickly manage change. Agility and speed are the passwords into the winner’s circle. But if yesterday’s winners were the masters of change management, then who are the winners of tomorrow?


“After completing the High Performance Leader program, I have developed richness in my strategic focus and inspirational leadership. My project during the program contributed $10M to top-line sales performance.”

- National Sales Director
Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

How do you gain a competitive edge in a world where leaders and companies have already developed the ability to embrace and integrate ongoing change?

At Insigniam, we believe that competitive advantage today resides in the ability of organizations to be the authors of the competitive landscape. This newly created business panorama calls for transformational leadership– people who set the course for themselves and their organizations—leaders who change the boundaries of the competitive game and rewrite the conventions. These are the people who have the courage and the wherewithal to invent the rules of the game. Installing these new and leading edge breakthrough leadership competencies today is one of the areas that is critical to the future performance of the enterprise.

Initiatives to Significantly Elevate Leadership Performance

Our distinct consulting offerings for transformational leadership are designed to develop and catalyze your leaders to deliver business and enterprise critical results today and in the future. Each is adapted to meet the specific needs and concerns of your enterprise. And all are based on the notion that leaders are not born, but are developed and that anybody can lead, regardless of title, role, or position. We also custom-design programs for companies—or customize the company’s existing leadership development curriculum.

Transformational Leadership Development While Delivering New Results

Understanding the components of transformational leadership, without effectively translating them into actions and business outcomes, is insufficient. All of Insigniam transformation leadership initiatives tie development and producing breakthrough results together thereby transforming leadership through delivering practical results that immediately impact the organization’s effectiveness.


Insigniam Transformational Leadership Initiatives Include:

High Performance Leader

This eight-month initiative develops executives in leading edge competencies to invent strategies that redefine the playing field. Executives significantly advance their ability to generate strategies, execute breakthrough initiatives and sustain new levels of business performance.

We promise your senior leaders will have a breakthrough in their ability to generate:

  • Remarkable ambitions and compelling strategies that are not bound by past experience or prevailing beliefs of what is possible.
  • The highest results and accountability from themselves and others, even when common sense justifies accepting lower performance.
  • Managing multiple commitments with ease and power resulting in an increase in productivity, vitality, and peace of mind.
  • The diverse styles of leadership that are required to inspire and provoke the innovative thinking and bold action required to effectively deal with the hard realities of a competitive business environment.

“No other course identifies and addresses your power as a leader as this course does—and I have participated in many of the top leadership programs in business today. The High Performance Leader program tools and learnings have provided a path to seek new opportunities beyond the obvious, develop effective strategies to implement these opportunities, and successfully gain people’s ownership and buy-in along the way.”—Vice President, Biopharma Development, Fortune 500 Biotech Company

Leadership Intensive

“Most firms are over managed and under led.”

— John Kotter, Professor, Harvard Business School

At the heart of being a business leader is having the types of conversations that catalyze what really counts—causing organizational change, opening new markets, transforming corporations, introducing breakthrough products and services, and the fulfillment of stretch goals.


In the Leadership Intensive we promise each participant will have a breakthrough in their demonstrated ability to:

  • Articulate a bold vision for their company, department, or team that is contagious
  • Powerfully act in alignment with organizational goals and inspire others into action
  • Break out of organizational limitations, paradigms, and stereotypes
  • Enhance teamwork and align commitments
  • Coach others to enhance their effectiveness.

“Unlike so many management courses today that tend to be gimmicky and superficial, I found your workshop to be intelligent, insightful, and eminently practical. The Leadership Intensive has already proven a major factor in my career development and delivering on my breakthrough project.”—Director, Project Information Management, Fortune 250 Chemical Company


An Insigniam intensive program for first-time supervisors and managers that ensures that companies are supporting new frontline staff to succeed, not to fail. The newly promoted manager, most frequently, is an expert in a particular area. Management is a different kind of mastery. Super-Vision provides an intensive learning opportunity for the new manager or supervisor to significantly grow his or her value to the company.


The Super-Vision program promises a group of managers who:

  • Are able to effectively work with people under most normal circumstances
  • Understand how the work of their group contributes to the organizations success
  • Are coachable and relatively easy to develop
  • Are equipped with a new set of powerful tools that enable and empower them in executing their accountabilities

“The accomplishments of these supervisor teams have already paid for the training with the quality improvements. The people did an amazing job embracing the tools that Insigniam gave them. I was very proud of where they have come from in the past 90 days and where they are going. I just cannot say enough about the work (the Insigniam team) has done to make this training valuable to our company and our employees. The teams are showing great capability in communicating and problem solving. Their personal confidence has been raised and that is a force multiplier helping us go into the next year.”—Executive Vice President, Global Operations, Global Aviation Company