Middle managers comprise a large swath of the overall global workforce. In the U.S. alone, nearly 11 million people identified their role as that of a middle manager in 2012 according to the Wall Street Journal.

In order for C-Suite leadership to implement strategic plans key to their critical and essential goals, they must rely on middle managers to execute, implement, and create buy-in with employees across the organization. A core function of a middle manager is to bridge the gap between C-suite executives and the workforce at large. Insigniam’s 2014 Middle Management Survey reveals that while many middle managers are motivated by the type of work they do, dire issues exist among many of those occupying the middle management ranks. Namely, issues related to declining opportunities to progress professionally, a lack of the decision
rights to get their jobs done, and a disconnect with the people to whom they report. The ultimate insight from our survey? The bigger and more plentiful the opportunity for making a meaningful contribution to the future of their enterprises, the more potent and satisfied the middle manager.

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