1. Balance Your Calendar

Managing a calendar is a job in itself. Every day, tasks must be completed. Operations have to go on. And leaders have to make sure they are on top of those tasks, that they are guiding those operations. But building in time to think and act strategically — for the long-term — is also essential, too. Ask yourself, “Am I growing and developing my people so that they are prepared for the company’s strategic future? Do I have enough outside focus? Am I thinking about trends? Competitors? And, am I doing that every day?”

2. Empower the Team

Developing people for the strategic future means letting them handle tasks today that might otherwise be the responsibility of leadership. But delegation of important tasks is important for both leaders and team members. When the team is empowered, leaders won’t drown in detail and decision-making. Ask yourself: “Are the tasks I’m handling strategic ones that will affect the future of the company?” When the answer is no, consider handing those tasks off to other team members to get their strategic future underway.

3. Make Team Development a Daily Task

Ask yourself: “How much of my time is spent on developing people? Am I making sure they are growing strong in their roles, and driving toward the future we are creating?” Maybe you can answer those questions with a “yes.” But now ask, “Am I working on that kind of development every day?” The answer to that question also needs to be “Yes.”

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