A new General Manger of sales and marketing at a medical device company wanted to enhance the leadership capabilities of his key people to produce unprecedented results.

He hired Insigniam to work with his top performers and heads of sales, marketing and two important product lines. They participated in one of Insigniam’s leadership development programs that included a Breakthrough Project initiative for each leader to challenge him/herself—the projects were designed by each participant and needed to be pertinent to his/her accountability.

Results of some of the projects included:

  • Ensuring all 80 of his sales reps meet 100% of their sales target. His team achieved this with everyone exceeding his or her quota. This generated 15%
    growth and $5 million in incremental revenue.
  • Developing a successful business-forecasting tool that saves millions of dollars.
  • Growing a new business venture that had started the year with a $2.5 million deficit from lost business and returns. By the end of the project they had regained the $2.5 million loss.

There were a total of 11 projects and together, they measured $16 million of added value. The estimated ROI on this engagement is 6,300%.

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