Creating a Culture of Breakthrough

Blog Post A Culture that Fuels Our Strategy

Have you ever had a conversation with a doctor or medical professional, and after they get done talking about some extremely technical, all you can do is tilt your head, furrow your brow, and give them a hearty, “HUH?!”

Often times I hear executives react the same way when they’re first trying to grapple with the culture of their organization. They’re simply unable to get their arms around something they’re not familiar with, and more so, something they can’t physically see.

A frequently questioned ingredient to finding success in business is culture. But what does that really look like? There are nine facets of corporate culture that, once aligned, will drive performance.

  1. Language and the network of conversations
  2. Customer orientation
  3. What is actually valued
  4. Accountability and responsibility
  5. Traditions, rituals, heroes, legends, and artifacts
  6. Leadership dynamics
  7. Unwritten rules for success
  8. Decision rights and processes
  9. Legacy

Here’s an example.

In our executive coaching with the Executive Vice President of Commercial at a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, we outlined the challenges they are facing with bringing two new drugs to market. We also examined how to increase the performance of the existing sales team, and how to train the next hires of 130 sales representatives.  We determined that a breakthrough in performance and results is needed to create these high-powered sales professionals.

After a period of two months with Insigniam coaching, we agreed that the commercial division sales representatives have to establish a greater sense of personal responsibility and accountability to reach their annual goals and cause a breakthrough. This means creating a culture that offers an inspiring future for each person in the commercial division.

Where do you see your organization’s culture showing up in these 9 facets? Do you see where, if you had a stronger culture in some of these areas, that your results might shift?