Facilitating Change in Women’s Leadership Today

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At the end of the workday…and certainly at the end of our lives, most of us ache to know, did we really matter? Did we make the highest contribution of ourselves we could? Did we realize the full potential of our being? Will people remember us when we’re no longer working at the organization or living? One way to matter is simply to take a stand on something of importance to us, speak up about it, and take action toward change in the right direction. In this case, the change sought is increased women’s leadership in pharmaceutical careers.

A Platform for Dialogue is Launched

And take a stand, they did. Thanks to the efforts of the CPhl North America conference professionals who convened the Women’s Leadership Forum and World Café Discussions in Philadelphia April 26, 2018, a room of 75 passionate male and female leaders contributed to the dialogue to advance women’s leadership. Keynoted by Lynn Taylor of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a the real story of what it can take to navigate an upward career as an executive woman completely inspired the room of mostly female leaders who resonated with many of her shared challenges. Then a panel of pharmaceutical leaders including Tina Garyantes of Chromocell, Hugh Welsh of DSM North America, Mike Kosko of Pfizer CentreSource, and Lynn Taylor shared their perspectives and experience on how organizations can support women’s leadership and career development through culture and practice, and how mentors and self-empowerment practices can fuel career development, among other topics.

Women’s Leadership Development is Synergized in the New Community

A community was created that morning, and everyone—both men and women—left emboldened to advance the cause. After the keynote and panel discussions, the women were asked to consider what they’d heard in the presentations and then to convene and talk about how they could advance women’s leadership in their organization. The room was abuzz with passionate debate and newly found paths to actions. The women in the room found new shared bonds and are now cultivating them to synergize more movement forward. Men in the room left stating a renewed focus to look beyond current efforts to ensure women advance in their organization. It was powerful. It was inspiring. And it definitely registered as mattering, not just for the individual who took a stand but also for the organization of which they are a part. As the moderator of the Women’s Leadership Panel and World Café discussions, it was pure magic to witness what is possible when the human spirit is unleashed and united with others in a common cause for the betterment of women and humankind.