Patient as a Tortoise

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From an early age, we are taught that patience is a virtue – Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind. In the business context, patience does not equate to inaction, nor is it tangible. Rather, it is something we consciously do, and like many disciplines, the more it is practiced, the more patient we become.

Patience Is A Habit

…But so is impatience.

A lack of patience leads to frustration. Frustration then leads to quitting, and we start to quit in order to start again. When we repeat this, we’ve discovered the recipe for what Insigniam calls a ‘vicious circle’.

We then repeat this; falling into a vicious circle of starting, succumbing to frustration, and quitting again just to have the opportunity to start again.

Stop the Habit

We know the road impatience brings us: strained colleague relations, unclear communication, missed deadlines, and goal failure.

Changing this habit requires strong motivation. We have to be emotionally mature by responding, not reacting. Practicing this is the foundation for savvy decision-making and high performance.

Act On Patience

Choose to be patient. Practice being patient. Choose to practice to be patient.

When patient, we can now focus on the moment and respond with choices that consider the small and big picture. These choices “in the moment” steadily add up towards our goals, and when we reach our goals, our reputations and successes are built.

Surely, patience takes endurance, grit, and hard work to master, but the impatient hare didn’t win the race.