Staying Focused in the Frenzy of Deadlines

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A few weeks ago, I was consulting the week before the Christmas and year-end holiday breaks. This is a very interesting period of time where our self-imposed rule of year end cut-off creates a frenzy of activity and often times overwhelm. 

The majority of public companies end their financial year on December 31, which is also the end of the calendar year, but December is also their shortest month as many western employees take Christmas and New Year breaks. There is a frenzied rush to end the year on a high note with last-minute sales, to get all expenses in, to complete projects, to account for the year’s results, to create objectives for the new year where all past results disappear as if erased on the magic slate of our youth! 

In that frenzy of activity, one of my clients asked me, “and how do you stay focused in the midst of everything you have to do and handle?”. 

Great question that had me look: what are the main practices that support me and keep me productive and present? 

Your Calendar as Support: 

One key practice that was discussed during that consulting right before the Christmas and holiday break was putting commitments into existence and being straight about what you will and won’t do. As we discussed this, I was reminded that one of my commitments for that week was writing a blog, sharing content with my peers and making a contribution.  

Initially scheduled in my calendar with ample time allocated to write, I pushed the occasion back from one day to the next; I had not revoked my commitment and it was time to make a choice, be straight and not hope “somehow it will turn out”. And I chose to honor my commitment. 

Listen, listen and listen again: 

When I am authentically listening to the person or people I am with, there is no need to “focus”, it becomes the natural way of being; of being present. There is no space in my brain for the thoughts and worries or distractions. There is only what is there to be dealt with and amazingly, productivity is enhanced. 

Some questions to consider:  

How are you managing monthly, quarterly or yearly deadlines? Or even daily and weekly commitments? Where will you find your commitments when it comes times to honor them? Do you have practices that support you being focused and present?