The Irresistible Leader is Inspirational

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It’s impossible to not notice all the talk today about leadership: the lack of it, the need for more of it, or the concern of whether or not it is visionary enough. But what it really comes down to is inspiration. Yes, you may be a leader, but are you an inspirational leader? Nowadays, “business as usual” isn’t enough and commanding attention is a tough competition. The leader who has the ability to move, touch, and inspire all the people inside an organization will have a decided advantage.

To Be an Inspirational Leader, First Allow Yourself to Be Inspired

Think about the word inspiration. Its origin is Latin and means to literally “breathe life” and so we can say “breathe life into someone.” Think about what really moves, touches, or inspires you. Can you think of times when you literally gasped at the experience you felt? Or, you were so moved that you were overtaken by emotion? That’s the kind of inspiration we’re talking about here. And it starts with you. Allow yourself to witness the wonder around you, be present to it—be inspired by what you experience around you. When we’re enveloped in our own inspired state, we are charged, and we infect others with this enthusiasm.

An Inspirational Leader is Irresistible

Then, allowing those we lead to witness us being inspired requires courageous authenticity and transparency. Many of us have been taught not to show our emotions in the workplace. Heaven forbid, a man or woman get supercharged or moved to tears in the workplace. What a shame.

We have been equipped with a beautiful full range of emotions and the ability to demonstrate them. Having the opportunity to do work that gives us access to being inspired and part of something bigger is well worth striving for. Getting comfortable with “being” human with and for those we lead is the order of the day. When we transparently let others see us inspired, we become irresistible. We will most certainly get people’s attention, if not quite often also their committed hearts.