For powerful strategy execution, building alignment is crucial.

Failure to align and failure to coordinate across units are two of the greatest challenges to fulfilling your strategy.

As challenging as building alignment can seem, obstacles can be met through a series of unique and well-orchestrated conversations. In this blog series we will highlight each step.

These five conversations can be called the “Five stages of building alignment.”
Woven together, they allow people to be coordinated across diverse business units and geographies in generating the path forward from strategy creation through execution.

Alignment Stage One. This is the phase of establishing a strong foundation of relationship– one that is centered in a mutual understanding of commitment among all those key to executing the new vision and strategy.

This strong background becomes the foundation for all that will be implemented. It works in the same way as in building construction—the larger and stronger the foundation, the higher, more stable and resilient the building.

In fact, the new vision and possibility can only manifest and flourish through such understanding and collaboration.

What does it take to have a strong and authentic sense of relationship as a foundation for fulfilling a strategy?

    • It takes people committing, respecting, understanding, and supporting each other’s commitments and the company’s new direction. (This does not mean that everyone likes each other, gets along all the time, or even agrees with each other.)


  • It takes investing time up front to ask and listen to what others are committed to and what their concerns are.

Here are five examples of conversations you can have early on to establish a foundation for alignment:

  1. What do you see possible through this vision for the organization, and for your team?
  2. What vision and commitments do you have (or will you need to have) and how can we work together and cooperate toward those?
  3. How can I support you going forward? What do you need?
  4. What conversations do we need to build alignment and with whom?
  5. Here is what I can commit to. Will you support that?

By initiating these dialogues you inspire the creation of an environment for collaboration and alignment. This solid foundation lays the ground for people to listen to each other, ask for what they need, and say what will be done by when.

What conversation will you initiate this week to strengthen the background of relating on a project you lead or participate in?

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