Danielle Wilson

Controller – United States

Danielle Wilson has worked in a variety of roles in finance departments in inventory-based, escrow-based, and service-based industries. She brings a strong background in global finance and forensic accounting to Insigniam’s finance department.Danielle’s work includes overseeing accounts receivable and accounts payable, managing revenue recognition and forecasting, and reconciling the firm’s transactions across three continents. She also investigates and corrects irregularities in the firm’s finances and ensures its investments are being effectively utilized. In one project, over the course of six months Danielle restored over two years’ of missing sensitive data to the firm’s financial
database.Her work ensures Insigniam’s finances are in integrity, allowing for effective investments and creating a sound financial future. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Drexel University.

Awards and Recognition

  • Honorable Mention for Leader in Contributing to Your Success (support), Insigniam, 2020