What enables transformational actions to be taken across your enterprise? If your response was somewhere in the wheelhouse of “no idea” – don’t worry. You’re not alone.

There are two common avenues leaders might take to ignite transformational actions.

The first is when a CEO creates and commits to a newly designed future, communicates it widely across the organization, and enrolls the employee body in taking actions consistent with that new future. On this path, you boldly commit to an unprecedented future. The kind of future that can’t be accomplished through past strategies, practices, and vision. A future that will demand a transformation.

Committing to this future will then take you into the uncomfortable yet creative territory—well beyond old assumptions, and into new realms of thinking and acting. Because the designed future calls for a new order of results, it will require a new set of thinking and actions to be taken by you and your organization.

Through inspired transformational leadership you can shift to managing from a future possibility, not from the past.

The second avenue is transforming in a chaotic time. Recessions and pandemics have turned the business world upside down, and assuredly your organization had to act newly and differently with alacrity.  While one is designed, this is emergent, and calls for a similar kind of work, except in the face of an unplanned and sometimes traumatic crisis.

The obvious difference is that on one path you generate the demand for transformation by committing to a new future—on the other, you are working in the crucible and the situation requires it. Whatever path you might be on, as a leader you are called upon to forge a pathway for your organization to a future beyond what was predictable.

The question is whether the future your organization is driving towards is the one you designed or the one you are reacting to.

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