If you have followers, you’re leading wrong. Effective leadership isn’t a charisma contest. In fact, introverted leaders tend to deliver better results, according to recent research from Wharton published in the Academy of Management Journal.

Potent leaders build other leaders capable of carrying out a singular enterprise vision because they have empowered and inspired others to adopt that vision as their own. They don’t ask to be followed; they ask for results.

Leadership performance

Enterprises don’t just need leaders. They need leaders among leaders. It’s easy to install management and leaders who can keep things running smoothly. Well-liked men and women who have natural leadership tendencies and skills managing people can get the job done. But is it the right result?

Harder is developing leaders who can innovate and help a company keep its competitive edge.

Enterprises can have leadership that simply hums along at the risk of complacency or leadership that revs the engines toward better results, better processes, new products, and profits. Which kind do you want to foster?

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