Innovation had screeched to a halt at a decades-old auto-parts retailer. The consumer had changed. Competitors were catching up. The business model that had protected the company for so long was now slowing it down.

That’s how a corporate immune system works. It protects the company, even at the risk of complacency. Outdated business models block innovation.

It’s not enough to hire an innovator and award a title. Innovation that achieves Breakthrough Results requires a commitment by the C-suite to support it through resources and a receptive infrastructure.

Innovation boosters

To inject innovation back into the corporate DNA, these four key elements must be in place, say management consultants Robert E. Johnston, Jr., and J. Douglas Bate:

  • A management mandate that shows executive support
  • Corporate infrastructure that provides needed resources
  • An innovation process with structure and accountability
  • Corporate culture that encourages enterprise-wide innovation

Enterprise transformation results

When that auto-parts retailer with stalled growth partnered with Insigniam to undergo an enterprise transformation, the result was 120+ projects to foster innovation at every level. New services and a new mindset evolved the business model. Earnings per share increased significantly. Even the management team was empowered, through a 40-headed CEO model, for faster decisions.

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