The new vice president of development faced a daunting innovation execution task: Transform a sluggish product team into aggressive performers. Over the years, a poor relationship between research and sales/marketing often created delays and internal battles at this healthcare company, making a new drug application even more complicated.

Creating an innovation process

Sometimes innovation generation is the easy part; if there’s not a process or systemic approach to innovation, the execution itself is the challenge. With a new drug application at stake, the vice president realized that getting it approved quickly would require a new way of thinking so that cross-functional teams could dramatically improve beyond previous performance.

The healthcare company understood that innovation would remain incremental if the skills and tools of creativity remained business as usual. The company partnered with Insigniam to get that new drug approved before the FDA timeline was due; something the company had never achieved before.

After examining their beliefs and procedures, the team discovered several surprises: The FDA had changed and they hadn’t. The starts and stops they experienced along the way were due to what they thought was the right way to respond and act, based on their past experiences. Now they prepared to respond in a very positive, aggressive way, exceeding their own timelines and standards for product formulation.

The innovation execution also included collaborating with the sales and marketing group, inviting them to fully participate in the process with the product team for the first time ever. They put this new collaboration to the test, agreeing to turnaround FDA questions within 24 hours, no matter their location or workload.

Innovation execution results

The team didn’t stop with drug approval; their Breakthrough Performance shifted to launching the product worldwide. Incremental innovation was no longer the norm; Breakthrough Performance methodology cured what ailed their organization. Could it cure yours?

Is innovation execution holding your company back? Take the Breakthrough Performance diagnostic to find out.

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