In an era full of disruption, keeping employees motivated is crucial. Building and maintaining motivational momentum – the energy that drives and excites employees – can seem daunting when undistinguished. The hope, of course, is to reduce burnout and drive next-level results throughout the organization. Yet, what does that look like?

The workplace is ever-evolving; something learned quite literally as a result of the current pandemic. The first step is understanding that the wants and needs of employees are changing as well. Empowerment and motivation emerge when employees are given the space to prove their ability and gain incremental autonomy. The starting place for this lies within opportunities to own and solve problems throughout the year while creating individual aspirations and expectations for the year on an annual basis. These goals should complement and advance the overarching goals organization. Additionally, this serves as an accountability tool that, if and when accomplished, should result in some form of recognition or reward. Rather than focusing on problems, people are now able to gain motivation and inspiration from the outcome they want to create.

These steps will take employees from dwelling in past pitfalls and the swirl of day to day work and refocus their attention on actions that will produce outcomes that advance their career and the objective of the organization. No longer will they just work for a day’s wage, but instead they will produce next-level results because they know their value and that their role is essential to the success of their organization. Finally, they will build trust with their leaders as they prove their ability to solve problems and deliver on their results. The outcome results in employees owning, solving, and figuring out problems faster while innovating better.

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