If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that work is changing.

“Hybrid Work” is no longer a flavor of the month buzz word, but a titanic shift in the way the professional world has known itself to operate for hundred(s) of years. The idea of a traditional office, for many, is an afterthought. The office is now where ever you are. Juggling multiple offices, virtual meeting platforms, and collaboration tools is now standard.

What is perhaps a silver lining we can take from the pandemic is the conversation about wellbeing rising from the ashes. The opportunity to work from everywhere has brought with it new challenges, but also new opportunities, and the need to master new skills to make it all work.

Arianne Cohen in Bloomberg Businessweek recently wrote “Mastering Hybrid Work,” and gives some super tips for making it all work. Check out a few of those below:

Cater to Your Body First

According to an ergonomic-conscious design expert, the advice is to set up your workspace(s) to accommodate multiple body positions. Whether that’s a standing or walking desk, different seating positions in the same chair, or something in between, staying inert has done no favors for anyone. Being able to move and change your position will help with circulation and overall wellbeing.

At Home, Sound Matters

Remember travel? It might be time to dust off those noise-canceling headphones we once reserved for long flights to add a layer of focus to your work. Children, pets, the front door. All of these things can easily take our attention away from the task at hand. Control the things you can control in our (sometimes) hectic homes and set yourself up for really effective, undistracted work time.

The Mobile Office (Your Bag)

Leaving our laptops, cables, and folders of documents in the office overnight is no longer an option. As Ms. Cohen writes, the laptop is now the nexus point for the majority of work knowledge workers do today. Being able to transport and transition to a new work environment quickly relies on our bag having everything we need to make that happen. Take a moment to investigate your mobile office. Does it have sufficient space? Pockets? Do you have a mobile battery bank to charge your phone in a pinch?

Work might not look the same as it did when the pandemic first took hold. The trick is to adapt to the new, rather than try and make the old work.

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