After more than 15 years of travel as a consultant, I am often asked if I’m not “sick of it” and realize that, for many people, traveling for business is something they dread. Since living abroad at the age of six, I have had a passion for airplanes and traveling and I understand this is not the case for everyone. Nevertheless, frequent business travel can be draining, so here are some tips that work for me:

Make your travel as easy as taking the bus, or driving your car to work.

When you travel every week, there are many things you don’t want to think about; my toiletries, beauty products, cords, adaptors, a small umbrella, are items that always stay in my carry on. I park on the same floor so I don’t have to search for my car when I come back late (that happened twice…never again!). Use the airlines programs to simplify and shorten your trip: fast track for security, priority access to boarding, access to lounges; you won’t need to worry about crowded airports or families on vacation. I also quickly discovered that landing in Toulouse during rush hour was a bad idea; I plan flights to be home in time for a (late) dinner, avoiding the stress of spending more time in traffic than on the plane.

Stay curious, open to discovery and wonder.

When I take the time to remind myself that there is something to discover newly in all my trips, the experience is of a different nature. It can be the renewed discovery of familiar cities, the newly discovered towns I travel to, the people I observe and interact with, the scenery we fly over. The sight of the Alps as we fly towards Switzerland or the sun setting over the Pyrenees as I arrive home never cease to strike me with wonder.

Finally, some quick tips:

Tip #1: Develop a routine that works for you, one that is so familiar you don’t need extra effort to make your travel easy.

Tip #2: Don’t check your luggage for a trip that is less than a week long.

Tip #3: Check the weather and pack smart: bring matching colors to increase combinations.

Tip #4: Manage your well-being, however that looks for you.


With these tips, you too can master life on the road!


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