Innovation requires imagination at every turn. During an ideation session, three teams set out to explore new frontiers for an international consumer packaged goods company. There were no boundaries or limits; they were told to brainstorm and then map out their ideas. It was a big success. Why? Two of the three teams had artists who contributed their thoughts and helped others visualize the rest by sketching.

If ideas are hard to visualize, or imagination needs a boost, take this cue from management consultants Robert E. Johnston, Jr., and J. Douglas Bate: Hire an artist.

Whether it’s an artist, cartoonist, or illustrator, the ability to visualize an idea has a dramatic impact on the team during the creating process of innovation. Hire a fast-working artist to spend the day with the innovation team as ideas are hatched for a quick sketch. The results will not only be memorable, but may accelerate the process as details are thought out.

Innovation value

Further building upon that idea, once innovation teams have brainstormed, those sketches and storyboards are valuable in communicating innovation ideas to the rest of the organization for faster buy-in. Yesterday’s sketch may become tomorrow’s initiative.

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