In most instances, the first thing we do when introducing ourselves is share our title and where we work. This establishes credibility and identity with those with whom we’re looking to build rapport. Interestingly enough, this identity is a construct built from the stories we have for ourselves, about ourselves, that will hopefully represent the traits that make us unique and valuable.

We enter the job market with a set of unique skills that we hope to hone over time to grow into even more successful professionals. This is an exciting time in life because of the potential and unimagined possibilities that lie ahead. Occasionally over time, something interesting happens where we stop relating to our unique traits and skills, our individuality, as who we are, and what we bring to the table and begin relating to our work as our title and the work that is required of us.

When this happens, it is important to step back and remember who you are is the value you bring to the job. You didn’t get the job you have because you are the job. You got the job because of who you are and the creativity you may bring to the table to elevate the work you do. With that in mind, here are some simple things to remember as you approach your work…

  • Your title and work don’t equate to your personal success. Your value lies within what you bring to the job.
  • Jobs are temporary and can change at any moment. Your worth shouldn’t be derived by a title that can change in a moment.
  • Your job is something you do and not who you are.
  • People won’t remember you by the job you have, but by how you make them feel.

As you reflect, consider what it is that makes you unique that may be missing and needed to rejuvenate what it is that you do to make a living? Is there anything that you’ve been neglecting that brings you joy that could make a difference? In life, what is it that you are in service of, and are you fulfilling your own personal criteria of satisfaction? By being more than your job, you will find new levels of freedom and fulfillment with what you do and the way you live your life.


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