Charles Gonet-Sedillot

Consultant - France

Prior to joining Insigniam as an Associate Consultant in 2019, Charles’ professional experience spanned a variety of industries including developing a successful marketing strategy for a hospitality company, executing a series of tournaments for a professional athletics organization and assisting in the analysis of legal cases at a large French law firm. Charles is now based in Insigniam’s Paris office where he works as an Associate Consultant as well as manages Insigniam’s client value system. 

Charles worked with the largest American manufacturer of hardwood to develop a new innovative product, as well as established a marketing campaign to successfully sell the product. Charles has also worked with a regional bank to transform their use of social media to elevate their brand and attract new hires when they had been bleeding talent.

Charles graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 2017. He returned to Wake Forest to obtain a Master of Science in Management in 2019. Charles speaks fluent French, English, and Spanish. Outside of his work at Insigniam Charles competes as a nationally-ranked golfer.