Scott W. Beckett, Ph. D

Partner - United States

Scott Beckett has been at Insigniam for over eighteen years and is the youngest person to be named a partner at the firm. He is a member of the Design & Innovation team and the Management Committee.

In a recent engagement, Scott coached a global airline’s middle management team to drive employee empowerment, resulting in a twelve-point year-to-year improvement in employee engagement scores. Customer engagement scores also increased, climbing from a plateau of 41-43 percent to more than 60 percent. Participant-led projects generated an estimated $250 million to $350 million in additional revenue.

His work also includes helping a cross-functional team cut spending by forty-two percent in a multi-billion-dollar global distribution system, consulting with an American aerospace manufacturing company to cut the time to build an aircraft by twenty-five percent, and supporting a Forbes Global 500 multinational food and beverage company to completely redesign the go-to-market and distribution, resulting in error-free product launches.

An Eagle Scout, Scott has served as Vice Chairman of Program for the Boy Scouts of America’s 2013 and 2017 National Scout Jamborees. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the American Hiking Society.

Scott holds an M.A. and a B.A. from the University of Denver and holds a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University.

Awards and Recognition

  • Eagle Scout
  • The President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • The President’s Call to Service Award
  • 2015 Silver Antelope Award, Boy Scouts of America
  • National Distinguished Service Award, Boy Scouts of America
  • Leader in Sales, Insigniam, 2017
  • Leader in Inspiring the Firm, Insigniam, 2017
  • Leader in Client Satisfaction and Return on Investment, Insigniam, twice
  • Customer Focused Innovation Program, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Public Speaking and Service

  • Chairman of Program, 2019 World Scout Jamboree and 2021 National Boy Scout Jamboree
  • Vice Chairman of Program, National Boy Scout Jamboree (2013, 2017)
  • Board Member, Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Board Member, Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Board Member, American Hiking Society
  • Speaker, Healthcare Fellows of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Speaker, “The Future of Healthcare,” National Organization of Nurse Executives Conference
  • Speaker, Marshall School of Business MBA program, University of Southern California
  • Speaker, multiple times to the national professional leadership of the Boy Scouts of America, most recently to a gathering of 3,000 attendees
  • Facilitated the development of the Boy Scouts of America’s strategic plan as it entered its second century of service

Thought Leadership and Articles