Valerio Imperatore

Consultant - United States

Prior to joining Insigniam, Valerio was involved with pro-bono consulting projects at the Italian Chamber of Commerce, where he helped establish intra-European business lines. He also served as a market forecast analyst for the Netter Center’s Community Partnership Rebel Bar Project. For this engagement, Valerio partnered with high-school students to launch a fully functioning, socially responsible business enterprise to provide affordable and healthy snacks for underprivileged students.

His interest in international business and its dependency on the international political climate led Valerio to pursue a thesis examining the concept of Euroscepticism, titled “Unconscious Citizen of the Empire: Measurements of Public Attitude Towards the European Union.” His research explored the relationship between the EU and its people and ultimately found that EU citizens view their governing bodies as distant circles of unelected technocrats.

Valerio graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School and a B.A. in International Relations from the College of Arts and Sciences. He speaks Italian and English fluently; French and German conversationally.