Enterprise transformation doesn’t just happen on its own.

True progress requires a leadership mandate for innovation, inspirational vision, and the processes to dramatically transform priorities. Do you have a leader who breaks barriers at your organization? A leader who inspires followers rather than commands them? A leader who drives enterprise transformation?

At Insigniam, we recognize that such leadership is worthy of recognition. The Breakthrough Performance Awards are designed to recognize executive leaders who have served as catalysts for extraordinary results at the CXO/EVP level for an enterprise with U.S. $2 billion or more in annual revenues.

Award categories are designated for innovation, leadership, and enterprise transformation:

  • An Innovation Award, for a leader who has uncovered significant adjacent business opportunities;
  • A Leadership Performance Award, spotlighting a leader who mobilizes peers and produces dramatic results due to enhanced performance;
  • An Enterprise Transformation Award, to highlight the achievements of a leader that successfully implemented material alterations to achieve critical initiatives, leadership, and performance.

Nominations for the Breakthrough Performance Awards close on November 21, 2012, so don’t wait to submit your leader. Winners will be announced on January 22, 2013. Nominate a leader or learn more at the Breakthrough Performance Awards.

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