We talk a lot about social media. How it’s important to connect with your clients and potential customers to gain real world feedback and achieve innovative change. Social media let’s you interact directly with your customers, but are you listening when they respond?

Sure, there’s probably someone in the marketing department who has been dispatched to respond to a comment on your Facebook page or your Twitter account. But what about the other groups and departments?

Are people in product development listening when a customer has a thought about how a product can be improved or a user experience enhanced?

Is someone in customer relations aware that there’s a post on the company Facebook page taking you to task?

Often, social media is the easiest way for a consumer to connect with a business. It’s easier to find a brand’s Facebook page or Twitter account than it is to look up a company’s Web address and then search the site for contact information. Customers turn to social media because it’s quick. It’s immediate satisfaction that their voices have been heard about your company’s product or service. Imagine how they’d react if they actually got a response.

Consumers turn to social media to connect with brands they like and trust. They want to know what you have to say. They want to hear you when you speak. Is everyone at your enterprise listening when they talk back?

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