Transformational Leadership and teams at one large organization get stronger by examining perspectives and behaviors that weakened their “core.”

As highlighted in Part 1 of this series, core strength in fitness is key to overall
performance. It impacts all activity, movement and endurance. A weakened core can affect mobility and effectiveness in even a remote part of the body.

In much the same way Transformational leadership takes action on insights to strengthen their “core.”

Once leadership examined and owned their blind spots they implemented three projects over 18 months designed to create a new approach to working together.

Within 18 months they:
• Identified processes that needed to be retired, improved or started.
• Conducted a full process redesign including data review, protocol review, patient profiling and onboarding processes.
• Reviewed and enhanced team operating structures including meeting structures.
• Realized organizational imperatives in a fresh collaborative way.

Such transformational leadership begins with and does not avoid the personal “heavy lifting” necessary to begin building new strength.

Thus, by simply beginning where they were and revealing which old perspectives, assumptions and beliefs were limiting effectiveness, they began to build a strong core and some outstanding results to demonstrate it.

This kind of work provides the initial impetus and inspiration for you and your colleagues to step beyond old limitations and create breakthrough performance.


What areas do you see could be strengthened in your leadership? What has been limiting you in that area? Take one action this week to strengthen this area.

In our next post we will examine what it takes to unhook from these old weakening mindsets and to create new ones.

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