Often in business, we check our emotions at the door, but transformational leaders inspire their people by being inspired themselves.

How do you move people to action? In well-managed companies, people follow procedures and the directives of their managers. Yet, companies that rely on this kind of compliance limit what they can achieve. Extraordinary results require people who are inspired and moved to extraordinary action.

Leaders Inspire by Being Inspired

We at Insigniam stand for transformational leadership that stirs the soul, unleashes creativity, and ignites a passion. Such leadership moves people to take action and produce measurable management results previously thought unattainable.

You do not have to be charismatic, a great public speaker, or a Tony Robbins-type to move your people. Moses and Gandhi were reportedly both terrible public speakers initially, and they were both inspiring, transformational leaders.

What Moves and Inspires You About Your Business?

In our experience, transformational leadership begins by looking in the mirror. What moves and inspires you about the work of your company? Why is the current initiative significant to you? What difference will it make for shareholders, employees, and customers when you accomplish your goals?

Transformational leaders are moved and inspired themselves. They share what they are committed to with others with a lump in their throat or a tear in their eye. They listen for what their colleagues are committed to, and when they find a shared commitment, they know that they have a partner.

If all you are committed to is next quarter’s earnings or a promotion, it is unlikely you will be able to inspire extraordinary action. It is likely that there is something deeper you stand for—making an impact, developing the next generation of leaders, improving your country, making the lives of your customers better, or providing work for people, there likely is something deep and powerful that you are committed to.

Take a stand for what you are committed to and then share that stand with others.

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