In Part One of this series, we shared that the key to thriving in the new normal is choosing to fundamentally shift your mindset about your industry and organization. Now that you’ve begun considering what else may be possible, we will start to look at how to begin shaping and creating that reimagined future now. 

Remember that humans are equally highly adaptable and creatures of habit. It is easy to keep going on auto-pilot as we emerge from the pandemic. However, if you consciously take a fresh look at what works and what doesn’t work about the ways of working in your organization, you have the opportunity to take your learnings into action as you create what the next evolution of your business’ new normal will look like.

As with most things in business, each situation is unique. Here are some questions to frame the actions you can take with your team. They go as follows:

  • What has worked for you and/or your team during the pandemic?
  • What has not worked for you and/or your team during this era?
  • What new tools do you have access to now that could enhance your work?
  • What is at the core of these new tools that will begin to shape and alter how you look at the world?

As we begin the new year, now is the time to sit down with a small group of colleagues and brainstorm these questions. Think through the assumptions that you have made about your industry, competitors, organization, team, and partners. Do they still hold true, or is there a small ounce of the possibility that those assumptions are no longer valid? This is not scenario planning, it’s about opening up our eyes to opportunities that are not laying in the open. As you decide on the invented new normal, make a commitment, and share with other parts of the organization what your BHAG – big hairy audacious goal is for the upcoming year. Who knows how many others you will inspire to do the same?

Have fun! There’s never been a better time to create and most importantly, realize a bold future.

If you haven’t already, read part one of this series, The Honest Truth About Thriving in the New Normal Post COVID-19: Mindset Shift.  Also, read more here on the four ways of being that create the foundation for great leadership, a great organization, and a great personal life in Insigniam Quarterly, an online thought leadership magazine.

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