Those who provide transformational leadership have a gift for engaging and retaining outstanding people.

These leaders both choose their new talent carefully and focus on two core values within the organization.

  • They value and create the shared sense of working toward an inspiring future vision and direction.
  • They deeply value their people. Not simply as a means to an end, but as the heart of their work.

Providing this kind of environment for people at work is at the center of transformational leadership.

Research indicates that those employees who are most engaged and inspired seem to be influenced by a boss who engenders a sense of possibility about the future.

Consider these two statistics:

  • Gallup found that of those employees who were most engaged, a full 69% said they had a boss who made them feel hopeful about the future.
  • 89% of bosses think employees leave because of money, while only 12% actually do leave for that reason.

(Daily Infographic, 02/02/14)

Other studies have also shown that people need more than a pay check to feel satisfied at work. If you are considered to be “the boss”, whether you are a CEO, or manager at any level, according to these statistics you have direct access to retaining your best people.

Values #1 and #2 are keys to accomplishing this:

When these values are alive in organizational activities, people feel both valued and part of making a vision real. At that point, staying on and being fully engaged are both a natural outcome of the environment. At the same time, people will have a real sense of the contribution they are making. 

Here are three actions you can take to strengthen engagement and retention while providing inspiring transformational leadership:

  • Communicate with all employees to consistently provide a sense of purpose, so that people feel connected to an uplifting future.
  • Actively acknowledge and appreciate people’s contributions and progress, large and small. Do this publicly and regularly. (This can be as simple as verbal commendations.) Create opportunities for people to appreciate each other as well.
  • Engender, encourage, and reward a sense of creativity while fostering an environment of innovation and fun.

Headquartered in San Jose, 25-year-old Cisco is a strong example of staying true to their values even in face of pressures to cut back on money and resources for new projects.

Cisco is accomplishing this through maintaining a strong focus on their customer’s needs while attending to and valuing their people and innovation.(Insigniam Quarterly, Summer 2014)

This company even goes so far as to give groups or individuals seed money, a separate facility and some assistance to move a new idea forward. The new idea is then turned into a marketable product.

Such transformational leadership is dynamic, creative, visionary, and ultimately expressed in the activities of engaged people working innovatively throughout inspired organizations.

What ways of engaging people in a new vision and valuing them have you seen produce breakthroughs in performance?

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