Where are you stuck in creating next year’s accomplishments? Many of us have been engaged recently in planning strategic outcomes for 2014. At this time last year, I proposed that you take a deeper look at your budget conversations and see what could be revisited or reinvented in the way you approached creating your outcomes for the following year.

Whatever the planning process and the willingness to think strategically, have you noticed how the pull of “corporate gravity”, the pull to play it safe or avoid looking bad, for example, can be a strong inhibitor to creativity and limit your ability to design and execute on bold outcomes for the coming year – dragging you down to safer territories? How do you break away from the “gravitational pull“ and see new possibilities for the future?

Recognizing the impact of  “corporate gravity”

Recently, the Insigniam partners met to start our own planning and strategic review. We acknowledged that the pull of some form of “gravity” exists for each one of us and is most often unnoticed.

Making space for creation

Before creating our goals for 2014, we were committed to break through that “gravitational pull”. We revealed considerations  and concerns that were impacting our view of 2014. We committed to addressing them and ensuring we were complete.

What do we mean by being complete?

Being complete is being able to be with anything exactly the way it is, and exactly the way it isn’t, without any loss of power or possibility.  Completion is a condition necessary for creation. It is the human equivalent of starting with a blank canvas, without which the best we can hope for is change – a little more, a little less than something we have obtained in the past.

Inquire into areas of incompletion

To free up your & your team’s creativity, take a look at areas where you may be incomplete, where something is missing or in the way of you of having that blank canvas.

Take stock of these:

  • Resentments or regrets
  • Intentions realized and not realized
  • Expectations met and not met
  • Recurring complaints
  • Progress made and not made in self development
  • Undelivered communications
  • Accomplishments, wins or successes
  • Acknowledgements and appreciation

Completion happens in conversations

Using your list, look at which conversations you need to have and with whom, to work towards completion and create the blank canvas for creativity. This is a powerful exercise to do at the end of the year but also provides value as a regular practice throughout the year.

Where do you find yourself stuck in your ability to create? What conversations can you have to resolve any incompletions?  

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