A leading contract manufacturer in the snack food industry was underperforming in its weekly customer fill rates (CFR) within the manufacturing supply chain. Prior to the intervention, the organization was on track to continue with uneven results ranging from 95-98% CFR.

Fifty participants from five different manufacturing plants and the corporate headquarters engaged in transforming their manufacturing supply chain speed which generated the possibility of achieving breakthrough results in CFR. The organization transformed to deliver more effective forecasts, consistent, sustainable, and flawless execution of product life cycle management, more effective communication and meetings, well-defined organizational tasks, tools and timing, and an aligned capacity planning, inventory meeting, scheduling, distribution strategy, and execution plans.

The company’s Supply Chain generated breakthroughs in its communication, forecasting, planning, and capacity planning that added significant value for the client and produced a consistent and sustainable CFR of 99.5%, which was beyond what was predictable. By increasing CFR by 1.5%, the company achieved 118x’s return on its investment.

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