Enabling Successful Change

Managing change quickly and effectively is a competency that is imperative, regardless of the size of the organization, for success in today’s marketplace.


Organizations are expanding to access markets in all regions of the world and every day technologies are introduced that stimulate new opportunities and render current ways of working obsolete. The initiative may appear to be very complicated with many moving parts going off in a chaotic maelstrom.

We Promise…

A vast increase in the probability of success in managing change initiatives by intervening in the common and invariant dynamics that can thwart performance and execution.

Successful change is complex, not complicated.

It is common knowledge that close to 70% of change initiatives fail, or worse, create a new set of problems.

The change may be precipitated by a merger or acquisition, a new business model, a technology implementation or a host of other catalysts. Managing change quickly and effectively is a competency that is imperative, regardless of the size of the organization, for success in today’s marketplace.

Based on the science of complex adaptive systems, Insigniam supports clients to establish order in the chaos and achieve the benefits of enhanced competitive prowess.

When effectively managing change by setting the following requisite conditions, our clients have seen a vast increase in the success rate of their change initiatives:

Design the change starting with implementation first.
Leadership that positions the alterations so they are welcomed and embraced.
Mobilize diverse stakeholders.
Establish responsibility beyond one’s accountability.
Revealing and disengaging the origins of resistance to change.

Success Story

Our quality was at an all-time low, our cost was at an all-time high, our productivity was terrible, and most of the people didn't care to come to work-so culturally, we were adrift... And Insigniam came in and transformed all that.

SVP, Global Customer Support & ServicesAircraft Manufacturing Company

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