About Insigniam

We exist to serve. Our mission is to transform the world of business and the practice of management and leadership, unleashing the power of inspired human performance.

About Us

For over thirty years, Insigniam has pioneered organization breakthrough, innovation and transformation. We are a trusted partner to senior executives of the world’s best-run companies for whom speed to result is an imperative.

In the face of complex problems and rapid change, business as usual is not enough. To succeed, leaders must breathe life into big ideas and bold commitments.

With a dedication to service, we are with you at all points from:

Building a bond and collaboration amongst your people

Seeing what has not been seen before

Designing novel approaches

Establishing leadership as core to success

Effective and sustainable execution

We promise that your people will think newly, act differently and deliver unprecedented results.®

A Different Kind of Consulting

Unlike consulting firms that advise, train, or do it for you, your breakthrough, innovation, and transformation initiatives are led by your leaders and employees. We catalyze, provoke and guide; you and your people lead and therefore the capabilities and competencies are developed within your organization rather than walking out the door when we leave.

Standing together with a passion for the breakthrough, innovation and/or transformation you seek, our partnership will leverage your deep knowledge of your business with our expert insights and unique methods for thinking newly, altering behavior and executing results. The work we do with you has been honed over decades of working with executives and large enterprises.

Our name expresses the heart of who we are as a consulting firm. Insigniam is inspired from the Latin usage of Insignia—“We shall act to make remarkable”—where “we” refers to the people in any enterprise endeavor. Remarkable are the quantum leaps in business results—true breakthroughs, innovations and transformations.

A New Paradigm For Action

Think newly. Act differently. Unquestionably, you will produce a new order of results.

Insigniam’s methodology is that forthright.

Performance is not simply a matter of knowledge, competency, ability, or rewards. If it were, millions of people who know exactly what to do to get projects done on time would deliver them on time, legions of managers who know what to do to manage change would be delivering successful change initiatives, and all the executives who know what to do to lead their enterprises would have high performing enterprises. And, yet that is not what is actually happening. Unfortunately, knowing what to do and having skills to do it does not always deliver breakthrough or transformational results.

Perhaps more decisively, performance is determined by the background of beliefs, assumptions, traditions, rules, and presuppositions that form our frame of reference. This context determines how we see the world, how we think, and therefore, how we act. Insigniam Consulting is unique in that we address these potent, and, at times, unseen influences as the starting point for breakthrough performance.

The Insigniam Method

Underpinning our consulting methodology are these four basic elements.


The current (embedded and hidden) set of beliefs, assumptions, truths, and unwritten rules that determine what people see as possible, the actions they take, and the results they produce.


The pervasive drive for what is familiar and known. Without disengaging the prevailing mindset or system of beliefs, anything new will immediately be retranslated into the old way of thinking and acting, or will just be ignored.


A new framework with which to approach the intended work area. Breakthrough and/or innovation tools are used to facilitate very stimulating, focused, new conversations designing the desired future and establishing true commitment.


Execute and deliver the intended measurable results quickly through proprietary methods for Breakthrough Projects, delivering innovation, rapid work redesign, transformational leadership, enabling successful change, and workforce engagement.

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