Breakthrough Imperatives

In any executive accountability, there are business imperatives: unprecedented outcomes that are necessary for success.

Often, the business imperative may be at risk or require remarkable performance beyond what is currently predictable. Almost always, business as usual is unacceptable and speed-to-results is a requirement.

What is a Breakthrough?

A specific, measurable result that is unprecedented given historical trends, current resources, and circumstances

The result requires a fundamental shift in thinking and approach, often viewed initially as “this cannot be done.”

Breakthroughs are intentionally delivered through commitment and collaboration.

The outcome is generated in a manner that is sustainable and does not sacrifice quality, integrity, safety, or well-being of products, services or relationships.

Breakthrough Projects

A Breakthrough Project is an initiative with a specific team or group that has an aggressive, quantifiable goal. The breakthrough goal represents the accomplishment of an unprecedented or seemingly impossible objective.

Common applications of Insigniam Breakthrough Project consulting:

  Create or capture a new market opportunity—fast and first

  Ensure execution of any initiative that may be challenging

  Achieve a specific result that is unprecedented for the team or enterprise

Success Story

“The consulting offered by Insigniam transformed our thinking, the way we processed what’s possible and not possible, and gave us the courage to keep going when others thought that we couldn’t.” –Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, and Project Management Speciality Bio-Pharma Company

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