Creating and Realizing Strategy in a Dynamic World

Kill your strategic plan and build a strategic playing field on which to make the right choices with agility.


Given today’s ever-changing external landscape where disruption can come from any place at any time, traditional strategic plans do not offer enough value and impact.

In many companies, strategic planning has become a modern-day version of the proverbial emperor’s new clothes. Yet, every enterprise needs a plan to deliver a winning future.

Otherwise the company, its shareholders, employees and customers will find themselves floating aimlessly in the competitive seas, being thrown this way and that, by various forces and events with no destination or control.

We Promise…

We will support you to construct a strategy that provokes your enterprise to develop, establish, and execute powerful ambitions while adapting to unexpected events and changing assumptions.

Strategic Frame

A Strategic Frame is Insigniam’s methodology for developing strategic direction for an enterprise. A Strategic Frame sets conditions for the organization to co-evolve with its complex environment and for the desired future of the organization to successfully emerge.

Where traditional strategic plans are rigid and formulaic, Insigniam’s Strategic Frame can adapt to the daily challenges an organization faces. Executives and employees are aligned on the ambitions of the enterprise as well as on key competitive weapons and trends to monitor, without being tied to a fixed, linear path.

As the future unfolds, the frame gives the enterprise a lens through which to view real-world competitive dynamics and quickly make decisions for the near- and long-term future in order to accomplish its ambitions.

The Strategic Frame allows for powerful and appropriate strategic choices, decisions, and implementation at every level of the enterprise (usually on a yearly basis in an operating plan, but sometimes as quickly as an immediate response) as the future emerges, allowing the enterprise to accomplish its objectives while navigating changing seas.

Success story

“Insigniam has significantly affected the processes and mindset of the leadership team and all the people who worked on developing the new strategy. A clear manifestation of this change is the development and implementation of the business plan that has successfully repositioned our business unit into a global company with the fastest growth rate within our group of companies.”

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