Conference to Address Asian Women’s Role in Corporate Leadership

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 05, 2012

Time for Asian women to step up from management to executive levels: Insigniam

Insigniam, a leading international management consulting firm, will host a two-day leadership program focusing on creating transformational change and breakthrough results for executive women in Asia.

Held in partnership with Clariden Global at the Shangri-La Hotel on March 19-20, the conference will feature Felicity McRobb, a founding member of Insigniam’s Asia practice who has consulted, coached, and trained senior executives around the world.

“Only six percent of worldwide senior executives today are women, and that number is rapidly declining,” says McRobb. “Our Singapore leadership program will help women move past traditional barriers in the workplace, as well as in their own mindset, to transform their leadership skills and create breakthroughs for themselves and their organizations.”

McRobb added the global need for transformational leadership skills also applies to the Asian business market, which is looking for strong, local senior managers and leaders.

“Bringing in foreign leadership that may not have a clear understanding of cultural nuances can be detrimental to business; it has allowed for progress to date, but the future of Asian business requires a deep cadre of Asian middle and senior managers,” she says.

McRobb believes companies need to focus on developing strong leaders at the management level to create an eventual bridge to executive leadership. McRobb and Insigniam suggest that the kind of leaders needed for Asia businesses have a facility to:

Take a bold stand for possibilities
As Lee Kuan Yew did during his time as Singapore’s prime minister, leaders are willing to take a bold stand for what they say is possible for their organization instead of what is predictable and familiar. This type of commitment often flies in the face of the evidence from the past yet is required to establish a platform to make transformational breakthroughs happen.

Craft a compelling case for the future
Often managers and executives get so consumed with the relentless demands of the present day that they neglect to vividly articulate a picture of the future. Prime Minister Lee predicted in 1965 that Singapore would have an economy equivalent to that of Switzerland in his lifetime. He continued to craft that compelling case for the future of Singapore throughout his time as prime minister that inspired people to participate. A future that is inspiring and worthy of the personal commitment of the individuals in the workforce will in turn catalyze remarkable actions and results in the present.

Engage others and align their actions to fulfill the outcome
No significant enterprise breakthrough can be accomplished without the work of many individuals and teams. Lee surrounded himself with other leaders and worked through them to fulfill the outcome of his vision. As a result, Singapore’s GDP grew to US$62,100* per capita by 2011, registering higher GDP figures then any other Asian city and even the US. The ability to speak and listen in a way that mobilizes others into action is an essential competence for any effective manager and executive.

“At Insigniam, we believe that extraordinary leaders do not have followers,” says McRobb. “They are instead surrounded by people who are leading the fulfillment of their own vision.”

McRobb will be available in Singapore to expand on these recommendations. To schedule time with her, please contact Alexes Fath at 610-667-7822 or email [email protected].

To register for the leadership program, visit

*CIA World Factbook

Insigniam is an international management consulting firm serving large-cap firms in multiple industry segments including pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer goods, transportation, banking, and finance. Since 1985, Insigniam’s proven approach to enterprise transformation, elevating leadership performance, shifting culture and creating speed-to-results for the C-Suite has generated $9 billion in client business results.

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